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How to properly care for the already accrued ladders

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If a woman does not have a thick DJRC is still quite nothing. All modern techniques can allow quite easy and simple to solve this problem is   using the building. But, however, before you start to use the services of the master, you need to consider some important details that will help you enjoy these beautiful long eyelashes, and thatkzhe avoid all possible complications. Learn more by this link.

Women with sensitive eyelids should also know that it is the glue that is used for eyelashes, is completely harmless to the eye. But for some it may be all the same cause an allergic reaction. It is therefore recommended preliminary steptionary test himself up, gluing quite a few man-made fibers and passing them one day.

Also, another contraindication to carry out this procedure have eye infection. That is why it is best to postpone the eyelash to full recovery for mostnot to aggravate the problem. And best of all to refrain immediately from using the very artificial hairs at elevated fat content, weakening the stairs.

If a woman decides to this procedure, it must know how to properly care immediately after extended eyelashes for ThuOba is a fine not to spoil the wizard. In order to do the hair did not fall, they can not be watering two hours after the procedure. And be sure to abandon the bath in the very first two days. And the adhesive, which is carried out capacity, not dissolved – it is not recommended to lubricate these eyelids thick and greasy creams.

All home care of the increased eyelashes is just the normal cleansing from the make-up and washing. In order to remove the paint from the eye, you will need to use a special gel for washing or special lotion. And it would be best to give up and did paint the eyes, as the eyes and so lookXia has a wonderful artificial hairs. Also on the curling iron stairs and all   should be forgotten, and why you need them, if you have already extended eyelashes and so very well tightened. You should sleep on your side or on your back, but otherwise your fluffy miracle will fly pretty fast with your eyes.

And generally speaking, care of the increased eyelashes is, quite simple. They can be worn for about 3 months, do not forget also about the correction to restore already fallen hairs. Artificial eyelashes can only shoot a master and then only with the help of special tools. Because it will allow you to avoid the loss of natural hair.

Even though that this procedure has a capacity enough   safe, but nevertheless, after eyelash still need to   care. After removal of manmade fibers, even their eyelashes   fall and break ends. But, however, return to power, as well as its own fortresseyelashes are simple ways you can help.

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