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Osteopathy - a philosophy

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Start manual medicine reaches the earliest times, when in ancient China, all experts in a simple traditional whaleyskoy medicine directly applicable Tuin - a special massage and manipulation of high quality at all joints. In the Chinese version of that manual such medicine was very closely connected directly with the theory of the entire circulation of energy - it is due to manipulation leveled the entire flow of energy in all meridians. It is also known that in the corevney Greece dysfunction treated all of our spine, using a direct traction or compression. Hippocrates even personally treated her scoliosis is using manual exposure. Today, such a manipulation just received his scientific studies and claims to be the quality of medicine of the XXI century.

Smart CHARLESBeck said, my advice to all doctors - Never stop learning.

Charles Beck just lives and works in just the United States. He certainly osteopath. But unfortunately, in our country a modern term « Osteopathy » a little known and little known as the term « manipulation » it usually comes down to the simple concept of bone setting. Although a simple sign of the new times is a direct interest of all professionals and all patients a wide spectrum of chiropractic techniques applied directly to a large international practice.

The English aristocracy directly choose osteopathy and all otherO ther alternative therapies.

Guy Clark - Vice President for Academic Affairs, College of Johns Vernhema located in Maidstone, United Kingdom. Specialty - osteopath. At the invitation of the Department of manipulation of the Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine, he came tohold a master class in the classical osteopathy for the participants of the International conference of medical specialists in manual therapy. Guest pleasantly amazed there are not only perfect knowledge of the principles of osteopathy, but also for his ability to « do wonders » (So, at least at first glance, it may seem ordinary foreheadAge influence the results of osteopathic techniques on the human body). Guest sincerely shared the secrets of your favorite things, and us, the journalists during his visit to the newspaper.

Treatment of "the statutes of life"

The wise saying, "a doctor who knows the classic medicine, stands on one leg, and one thathas also unconventional - two "turns into a slogan of Medicine of the XXI century. World experience clearly shows - both doctors and patients are integrated treatments that reinforce the effect of each other, based on an integrated approach to the problems of the patient and push the boundaries of human knowledge and bases her health. Havingrich experience of Ukrainian folk medicine, domestic experts from the Department of the Medical University of manipulation UANM keenly interested in the experience of colleagues from other countries, study it and apply in practice. Today, therefore, frequent visitors in Ukraine there are unknown to us teachers practices and techniques that have been successfully used in aHealth systems in other countries.

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