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First impressions of Windows 10

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0 2014

Most of us have probably heard the phrase that you can always look at threethings: how the water flows, as the fire burns and how someone else works. Go to last something like that and would like to add a phrase that we also like to discuss the fact that someone has already made a few selfish wording such as "Well, who does that, so I would have done very differently." Agree, practically every one of us, irrespective of the kind of professionalFirst activity faced with such cases, if not in his, the "neighborhood" address. On the one hand some are not polite, not courteous in relation to an object or a subject of criticism, but on the other hand a general search sticking points, including by means of criticism, is probably one of the best ways to achieve the most optimalresults. On this basis it is not surprising that, not having officially come out, the new Windows 10 already has acquired a forest of misunderstandings, questions and suggestions for improvement. Answers to some of the most pressing questions can be found on the network search engines -. Here, for example, you can learn how to turn off automatic updates, the definitionShare bit systems, to reset the account password, proposals to adapt the old to the new operating system to set up your OS and more. But that being said, the details, but what really distinguished the new operating system from Microsoft, we will try to briefly describe below.

System requirements and installation

Most active users PC in a long time accustomed to a more or less traditional interface of previous operating systems like XP or even Windows 7, were actually discouraged when a predecessor version 10 - Windows 8. It described the revolutionary interface and many innovations that sometimes take a hostile reception. Hie less than revolutionary in this regard is the current operating system - Windows 10. The first thing that catches the eye - it's some similarities with both Windows 8 and Windows 7 in terms of the organization of the start menu. From 8 version was taken diagram layout applications, but nevertheless a full-screen menu is now missing and everything is placed in a certain similarity of the usualall of the Start menu. For his new creation Microsoft said the following specifications (minimum):

  • the CPU with a clock speed of at least 1 GHz;
  • memory at 1 GB (32-bit OS) and 2 GB (64-bit operating systems);
  • video card with DirectX version 9 or higher and driver WDDM 1.0;
  • the place for the system data to the hard disk at 16 GB (32-bit operating system) and 20 GB (64-bit OS).

As for installation, it is greatly simplified compared to previous versions of the desktop operating system Microsoft. Typical for XP or 7 interrupt the installation date, time, language, etc. no longerm. Moreover, installing 10 versions of Windows, can occur through the upgrade from Windows 7, or 8 beta 10. In this case, all the system settings and passwords are fully integrated into the new operating system.

New features in Windows 10

Given that Windows 10 will be sold as a service, search for drivers for itAs well as the update will take place automatically. In addition, and also has the above-mentioned hybrid Start menu, 10 versions of the OS will be present the following new features:

  • Voice Assistant Cortana;
  • new basic browser Microsoft Edge, who had replaced the traditional Internet Explorer;
  • universal APPENDIXtion, which are equally used on different gadgets (PCs, tablets, laptops, smart phones).

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