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Milk: What useful properties of plants and is the main contraindication

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Today, many people povstRecean in your life with one spiny plant that belongs to the family thistles that decorated large red and crimson buds. Few thought that this weed there is a real treasure of vitamins. By the way, the first time this plant can be seen on the shores of the Mediterranean, but over time its territoryHabitat has expanded to a much larger and even in other European countries, people often met thistle.

It has, which are often used in folk medicine, and for a long time. The actions are the roots and seeds of the plant. Interestingly, the unusual properties were still known traditional medicine, milk thistle, and how to cureToday added to composition drugs.

The beneficial properties of milk thistle

thistle is useful for people who work for very hazardous industries, as well as those that are associated with poison, and its use as much as possible neutralize the harmful effects of these substances on the body cheloveka.

If you have a toothache, or upset the gut, the decoction of the seeds of milk thistle can cope with these problems. The broth you will need and at a toxicosis of pregnant women.

thistle is useful and when it topically applied in problems related with skin. Also itand great fights   with diseases such as:

  • Acne;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Vitiligo.

From the thistle can produce and oil, which is rich in vitamin composition. By the way, the vitamins that are found in this oil very easily absorbed by the body.

Vitamin E, which you can meet in thistle oil has a positive effect on the reproductive rights, thus normalizes its work. Powdered Milk thistle has also become very popular because it is effective in the treatment of disorders is a mental character, or diseases that are associated with multiple sclerosis. We seethat the plants are very useful, but we must remember that it should be used in small doses.

Contra thistle: the main points

It is also important that this plant helps many people to get rid of serious diseases, it is often recommended to use it under the supervision of and recommendationstions of doctors. The milk thistle has a considerable amount of calcium and phosphorus, by the way, they can be a major cause of the problems.

Contra thistle for the people who suffer from asthma because of its frequent reception sometimes leads to attack of shortness of breath, and persons who have cardiovascular disordersFirst activities.

It is important to point out that the drug should not this fatigue lasts a long time if you are in a deep depression.

The damage thistle has people that are characteristic idiosyncrasy of the plant, as well as an allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the form of skin rashes.

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