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What types of curtains emit?

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All types of curtains is not easy to name. It is not the quantity, but the fact that for many types of characteristic advantages transother units. Select suitable for cut and stiyu and easier to buy.

version of the classic character

These types of blinds are the most common, which have the same 2 bands. They are arranged vertically, and often hung from the eaves in all possible ways. In today'sin addition to the performance of panels often present One pattern of aerial tissue, which completes the full image filters and a great sunlight. Curtains are:

  • Complicated;
  • In simple;
  • Those who have different accessories or are without them;
  • Direct;
  • Free-;
  • The diagonal;
  • Okruglye.

Japanese curtains

This type of curtains is particularly the nature of the structure and even the sight of an unusual appearance, which consists of panels that are covered with a cloth. Decorative track is always attached to the guide because they can be used to move in a certain plane. Thatkzhe such curtains are often used not for the decorated windows, and to tint the room, as well as to issue a doorway.

French curtains

It is a holistic textile cloth, which is collected in the same fold with more verticallys tapes. As a result of all the horizontal assembly form narrow vertical festoons, which are needed in order to cover a large part of the window. Curtains are fixed in the same position and have a festive look. When all the fabric to gather, it creates a beautiful pelmet.

Austrian cloth

Thesecurtains in the expanded state is a continuous and smooth fabric, which is characterized by soft waves that are located along the bottom edge. During the compilation process you can see very soft folds. For big celebrations these types of curtains are well-decorated with ruffles.

London curtains

These curtains are with wide pleats that form gradually. Especially elegant they look when using fabrics with beautiful images. When changing the width of the folds, the pattern begins to change, and this leads to the fact that, a new look.

Roman blinds

It is a rigorous and simultaneousbut modern style, typically involves the assembly horizontally. Due to the fact that such blinds present vstavochki solid weighting agent and which are at the bottom of the web, the structure can be assembled without creating any waves or frills.

Italian curtains

Such curtains look goodyatsya windows of French origin, or on no small opening. They are the curtains of direct and soft that protyagayut diagonally. The place where the connection of the curtains can be decorated with rosettes or tassels.

Greek web

They are simple and odnotsvetnymi in lengths of cloth with natural fabrics and decorated on the bottom, top or around the perimeter of the profile or by means of a special geometric pattern.

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