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Medical tourism in Israel

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Our planet - this is a big and unique body, home, and advocate for all its people, including us - menher. In turn, the people is one of the most complex and advanced organisms on the planet, having enormous potential. But even though a high level of development, which we reached at the turn of XX and XXI centuries, we are still exposed to various kinds of diseases affecting different organs and systems. Some are easy and fleeting, greatpractically in- leaving a trail (well, except for discomfort), others - on the contrary, cause heavy damage and the absence of adequate therapy can lead to death very quickly. One of the most dangerous diseases is hepatitis, which infects the liver. Diagnosis and - one of the most real way outthis situation.

What is hepatitis?

Hepatitis B - is the collective name of a group of inflammatory diseases of the liver, which have different etiology, that is, the causes. The most common is a group of so-called viral or infectious hepatitis, which are caused by viruses of the same name (all -Eight strains of hepatitis A virus to the HCV TTV). One of the most dangerous of these is the hepatitis C virus, a disease that causes the same name with an increased tendency to become chronic. The main danger of this form of hepatitis is that this strain has a well-developed system of disguise - a symptomteak it is very similar to other diseases, often lack the characteristic yellowness. Consequently, the disease can occur with virtually no obvious symptoms for a long time, slowly killing human. For the first time this strain of the virus was isolated in the late 80s of the last century. Since then, the result of constant, ongoing research tolo allocated several dozen forms of the virus. Diagnosis of hepatitis C as a result of his behavior, is problematic and should take into account many factors. Likewise, treatment of the disease should be complex, and its success monitored for several months after the procedure.

Hepatitis and Israel

PSIailskaya medicine is considered one of the strongest in the world, due to the huge investment in its development. It is not surprising that a country that earns a lot of money each year on the traditional tourism, and earns a good idea at the medical. This special form of tourism that combines rest in resort conditions and the passage QUALIFICATIONSfied treatment, from diagnosis to treatment planning. The advantage of the Israeli hospitals, for example, one of the most prestigious in the country Assuta Hospital, is that they use an individual approach to each of its patients. This allows you to more accurately determine the diagnosis and adequate treatment in excellent conditions. Here, arum, the well-developed research base, which allows the use in the treatment of advanced development, and thus significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the rehabilitation period.

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