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What is a foam block, and what features it has?

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In order to produce a foam block   use sand, water, foaming agent and cement. Sometimes there may be added plasticizers, satverditeli and fiber in order to improve the characteristics of the foam block and, of course, increase its strength. More information can be found on the website of the manufacturer of foam -.

Foam has a very economical. High precision size   It makes it possible to produce a good laying on the glue, andThis is much to reduce the thickness of its interior and exterior plaster as well as in the wall to avoid "cold bridges". With regard to the weight of the material, it is much lighter than the concrete. And it can significantly save on the foundation.

Foam conveniently and quickly mounted. Little density foam and the ease and dovolno huge size   allow   increase the speed of the masonry. It is very easy to process and finish - cut holes for any size pipe, sockets, wiring. Ease of masonry, it is always achieved with the help of dimensional accuracy.

Foam has a reliable material. He is solid as a rock, and thatkzhe not aging and does not rot. Most of the strength in compression directly can be used in the construction of the foam block is a lower bulk density, and he adds thermal resistance of the wall.

Foam environmentally friendly material. It does not emit any toxic substances, and to concede on this indicator it can tnly a tree.

Another important advantage of the foam block is   heat. Due to its excellent thermal resistance, all of the foam structure   accumulate heat, and it helps to reduce heating costs by about 20-30%. Foam can also be used on floors, roofs as   sound and heat insulation.

because of aerated concrete products are in the first degree of fire resistance, because they are well to prevent any spread of the fire. Precisely because of this, concrete blocks ideal for creating fire-resistant structures. When exposed to a fairly intense   Fire on the foam block it completely blows up, and does not split as tyazhely concrete. As a result, the entire armature longer protected from heat. According to the results of various tests, aerated concrete protects against fire for four hours.

Foam can provide a microclimate even in a wooden house. He is not afraid of dampness, can prevent heat loss in the cold season, to avoid veryhigh summer temperatures and humidity control, thus contributing to the creation of comfortable conditions.

You can also say that the concrete blocks give the house an architectural expression and, of course, beauty. Because the material is very easy to process and have the opportunity to create a variety of shapes feastamide, arches, corners.

Foam quite convenient transport: since the ratio of the volume of packaging   and weight makes the design easy to carry and can be used   All power     rail and road transport.

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