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Carpet tiles - this is a new trend in all the carpets

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is very similar to the carpetling, so once you need to note the differences and what are the disadvantages they have. Let's start with the fact that a large number of carpets are produced in rolls of a width of approximately 4 meters. And this fact alone highlights the benefits of carpet tiles.

So, carpet tile — this is one stage of technological development, the well-knowncarpet. Carpet tile is plitchinoy, measuring 50 by 50 centimeters. On top of carpet tiles it may look like an ordinary carpet, but on the back of this tile has a PVC or bitumen base.

It is thanks to this ground of bitumen such carpet tiles have a   sound absorption when compared to carpetsLin — 23 dB instead of 35 dB at the tiles.

As well as bituminous base can afford to keep significantly more heat in any room, and then scoring it for heating costs to fall by an additional five - ten percent.

In a carpet tile, with respect to kovralin, higher rates directly fromnosoustoychivosti. And this fact is due to the presence of glass fiber in the composition of bitumen base.

This carpet tile is very comfortable in her delivery and transportation to the different floors. After all, there is no need to employ a huge number of loaders or additional loading equipment —   raiseds the carpet tile to any floor, you can use just one person, as well as a conventional elevator. So just all happens with excellent laying carpet tiles. It keeps it pretty quickly and this process needs only one employee.

In addition to the rest, there are also areas where the carpet tiles yavlyaetsI am extremely indispensable — we are talking about a fairly large office communication (wired) hiding under a special raised floor. A carpet tile differs from the carpet that gives a completely free access to data communications at the desired moment. That is why, carpet tiles do not need to stick to the floor, but just to plant a special FICSator which is sufficiently liquid. And thus, it can be protected from changes and not to stick the tiles tightly. The required time you can freely remove the tiles, as well as easy to install it in place.

The huge interest is such carpet tile all experienced designers. After all, it can help to spread bestmelye, as well as a variety of designs on the floor, and at the same time combining the texture of carpet tiles and the direction of the nap.

carpet tiles often buy a little more than is necessary for the installation itself. This is done in order to have a replacement carpet tiles ate need to make their replacement due to worn-outmodules. Typically, the stock carpet tiles can be 20-30% of the floor space. And so the overall service life of the coating is increased by 2-3 times.

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