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Today we have a remarkably high level of social development, daily reinforced by new scientific discoveries Tekhnnical innovations. This is a fairly high rate, which nevertheless increases every year. Analyzing all this it may be noted for themselves the interesting fact that not all the practiced discoveries were made intentionally. In other words, it often happens that developed one thing, and the result is actually quite etc.ugoe tool that meanwhile is revolutionary in its field. For example, the statistics tell us that one of the highest mortality rate we have when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Research in this direction are carried out continuously, but one of the most interesting things happen in the early 90s of the twentieth century. Cutultatom research and development had become a drug to anyone with an unknown (even today) in wide circles called Sildenafil. He had much to improve blood circulation in the thickness of the myocardium, and thus - become an effective drug in the treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease. By some amazing coincidence, the developers of a new paragraphReparata "missed" with the zone of action, as a result, the effect on blood flow in the heart muscle was minimal, but krovopritok in the tissue of the penis has increased dramatically. This surprising discovery has allowed to make a huge breakthrough in the elimination of such topical problems in the life of any man, as erectile dysfunction, and the Forcesdenafil began to produce in large quantities and is already known under the name Viagra.

Male and female issues

Do not think that such a thing as impotence, erectile dysfunction is the prerogative of the male society. Sex - it's mutual, natural and integral process that unionnyaet man and a woman. And if there is reason to talk about the problems of men, it will be a natural occasion to talk about the problems of women in bed. That is, it makes sense to talk about a certain form of female Viagra. And that, and another, and a lot of useful products you can find in the online store Magic Pills.

A bit of history

History of the store began in mid-November 2014. The creation of such a resource mediation between the producer of goods for sexual health and its direct customers at the time was very important. Firstly, because it's pretty uncomfortable topic for anyone, if it is a more or less publicpublic. Secondly, at the level of communication, which is observed today, the problems of a sexual nature occurs is much more than you might think. Third, the format of an online store is perfect for those who want to quickly and easily solve their problems without betraying publicize their problems and ailments. In particular, besidese "men's" products in this store you can. Its action is aimed at strengthening the orgasmic sensations, as the availability and quality of orgasm for women is less painful than for a man to question the normal potency.

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