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How to deal with dysbiosis?

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is the imbalance in the gut microflora, and wherein the ratio of useful and pathogenic bacteria. He usually prefOdita to what disturbed digestive function of the child or he feels pain, which not infrequently faced by the child's parents.

How is formed goiter?

Bacteria are needed to digest food do not need a child in the womb. But when the babywas born and began to drink milk, then his intestines began to be filled with various micro-organisms. We can say that the child has received their part when he has moved through the birth canal, and the rest comes from food. This process is called symbiosis. Microorganisms of this type are very useful because they directly IMEIt is a good opportunity to enhance the protective function of the human body.

But not all bacteria that are in the intestine of the child is directly useful to him. Bacteria that are obligate flora must be nayavnye in its body. This group makes up 97% of all intestinal bacteria. Furthermore, it couldut include bacteria, which does not bring any harm and no good - bacteria-saprophytes. But there are still some bacteria that are facultative flora. Their presence in the gut is not necessary. When it dominated by adversity (eg, when teething) bacteria flora of the beginninginayut multiply and give rise to dysbacteriosis.

The Dangers of dysbiosis

When dysbacteriosis in the child for a long time does not heal, it may appear beriberi, rickets, anemia, and begin to decline protective functions of the human body,   It can cause other unpleasant diseases.

The main causes of dysbiosis have:

  • Heredity;
  • premature baby;
  • Incorrect feeding;
  • The appearance of intestinal infection;
  • Reception of various antibiotics.

There are symptoms of dysbiosis:

  • The intestine from Reubenka begins to swell two hours after a meal;
  • Do you feel spazmicheskie pain in the intestines;
  • You can hear the rumbling in his stomach;
  • Disturbed digestion - observed constipation or diarrhea;
  • You can hear putrid or sour smell in the child's chair;
  • The baby is gaining slightly breaking bar.

Dysbacteriosis is compensated and uncompensated. Compensated dysbacteriosis may not manifest, and the child's parents « open » its quite by accident. But compensated dysbacteriosis necessarily need to be treated as well as other species, i.e. uncompensated. This must be done, or elsem cases where any provocation will be the immune system (eg, teeth), it can go very quickly in uncompensated.

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