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How to sheathe the old furniture foam with his hands

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If you do not want to part with your favorite furniture or you just decided to save money, it isan excellent opportunity for creativity. To begin, remove a bad sign of antiquity, like the creak. The mechanisms and parts of beds, sofas, armchairs to lubricate candle wax.

You can sheathe a new furniture fabrics, and it is possible to slightly change its appearance with the help of foam. Order this service by this link.
You will need:

  • meter tape;
  • scissors;
  • hammer;
  • little mites;
  • tacks;
  • token;
  • glue;
  • double sided tape;
  • Furniture stapler;
  • foam;
  • upholstery fabric.

When it comes to chairs, then you need to remove the upholstery TKAHb, remove all nails and fasteners, all the old upholstery. Foam carve out strictly according to the contour of the seat, and then double-sided tape to fasten his seat wooden base. Then put a prepared padded canvas. It should completely cover the foam. Finish the job upholstery fabrics. Plans should be made forcontour seats with seam allowances of up to 10 cm. superimposed on the seat fabric, turn over and pulling, are fixed on the middle of each of the parties.

When you need to smooth out all the creases and bumps. The corners of the fabric can be cut, in order not to create more room. It remains only to fix a stapler remained upholstery fabrics. You can use abychnye brackets and you can use special nails with decorative caps. The chair is almost ready and could start a new life. Your job is to look even more spectacular oshkurte wooden base and cover the stain, varnish or enamel. That's all. You can enjoy the fruits of his work!

Now the couch. If you are not confident in their abilitiesBetter to carefully remove the old upholstery fabric over it and make a new pattern. Do not forget about the overlaps for stapling. Examine the sofa, make measurements for the foam. If you take this material with an overlap, you can adjust the shape of the furniture. For example, turning the roll overlaps on the arms and back, you will increase them to make a more comfortableand add a very different kind of sofa.

In this case it is necessary to adjust the pattern and trim! Hooking foam need to thread right to the old upholstery, you can seal the top rope. It's time to fix the upholstery fabrics. First, the old layer, if you want to save it, and then a new one. Places you can hide the seams taped or thick decorative shekUr enshrined in the same stapler. Updated sofa ready!

You can also consider options with removable covers, cases of unusual types of fabric, or just throw on an old chair otrez faux fur.

Imagination is limitless, so result is bound to please you and loved ones. Have new ideas!

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