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Colored contact lenses for your eyes charm

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Many of us almost daily encounter people whose eyesYou can fall in love madly. Of course, the natural beauty and color of the eyes can not boast of each. But our innovative technologies have reached such success that it is now possible to change everything: even eye color. For years, scientists have been working on their achievements and still got colored contact lenses that can change the color of gmanhole, ranging from blue to dark brown.

What color contact lenses you can afford to purchase?

Modern man, regardless of age and sex, they can choose a lens that her liking. At present, there are three types of colored contact lenses: tint, cosmetics and etc.ekorativnye. Each of them have their purpose and fulfill a specific function. But all three varieties are more to the aesthetic beauty of the eyes or branding. Such lenses are primarily used by people who have good eyesight, and wear them for a while to change eye color.

Features tinting and beautycontact lenses

Tint contact lenses, in contrast to the cosmetic do not change eye color, and give them a specific color. If, for example, by means of cosmetic can completely change the color, tint not have such a property. By the way, the lens tint can afford only the people with light cvetom eyes.

Decorative contact lenses

But as decorative, they do buy it is very rare for any particular purpose. Decorative lenses are so unusual that in everyday life are not used. They can vary from red and pink to bright colors, resembling cat eyes. Therefore, these lenses are often used in the carnival parties, Halloween and other points masquerade. These lenses are not recommended to wear more than 2-3 hours, as they are largely opaque, and can cause problems of healthy.


Of course, everything is decorated with colored lenses eye color, but rememberthose that are more shaded than usual. Therefore, your eyes, « dressed » such a lens is reduced by 20% penetration of the light rays. Although doctors say that the lenses for the health of your vision is absolutely harmless. But make sure before buying imagine such beauty, consult your doctor and go for ophthalmology obsresearch. Because some people may experience irritation, tearfulness or rejection of the lens.

If you want a beautiful sky-blue, or perhaps a magical green eyes, do not worry and buy themselves colored lenses. If you care for them properly and use it, your vision is not terriblebut nothing for your eyes will drive everyone crazy. This will bring you only positive emotions. So do not hesitate and are giving many people a beautiful look.

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