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What hides under a high pressure, and how to get rid of it?

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High blood pressure (hypertension) is nhe most common human disease, and suffer from it every 5 adult persons in Ukraine. Official statistics show 10 million. Hypertension patients. The only way to detect hypertension timely - it regularly to measure its pressure.

What are complications resulting in high blood pressure?

High blood pressure shall be under a threat to man through a variety of complications. If you do not spend, then you can develop a disease such as stroke.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure is much faster process, such as atherosclerosis - that is, the deposition of fatty elements on the artery walls and arterioles, which leads to vessel wall thickening and narrowing of the lumen. If this process is not treated, it can happen blockage of the vessel or the heart, and then developing a myocardial infarction, or vascular brain - and then there is a stroke.

The older the patient, the greater the contribution is hypertensive diseases in mortality associated with cardiovascular events, and the smaller role with the other factors of cardiovascular risk. This is a fundamentally important fact in terms of defining approaches to the treatment of elderly patients, whose number is growing rapidly around the world.

Category patients pozhiLogo of age is characterized by a high incidence of isolated systolic hypertension. Increase of systolic blood pressure (SBP) for every 10 m Hg. Art. in this pathology leads to an increase in total mortality by 26% and the incidence of stroke - by 25%.

Practical advice to anyone who wants to correctly measure your arterialnoe pressure.

  1. It is convenient to sit down and sit quietly 7-10 minutes before the start of blood pressure measurement.
  2. During the measurement, it is necessary to sit. It is better to sit in a chair with a back - your back is to keep the resistance.
  3. Right wear cuff blood pressure measurement. Cuff overabout putting a little obliquely given the conical shape of the hand, it will contribute to a better fit and improve the accuracy of measurement. The metal bracket on the cuff will help you to do this.
  4. Re-measurement of blood pressure on the one hand can only be carried out after 2-3 minutes.

When conductedSRI several measurements on one hand, it is necessary either to remove the cuffs, or relax its maximum for 2-3 minutes. If this is not done, the results of each of the following measurements will be significantly reduced compared to the first measurement.

How can you help yourself?

If you smoke, then immediately DenyTes the habit! Smoking contributes to the fact that developing early atherosclerosis and hypertension.


Launched hypertension affects your quality of life and reduces it!

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