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What you will find in the women's handbag?

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Everyone knows that in the women's handbag, you can find everything, though sometimes it is very difficult . And where preciselyYou can roam about, so it's in the trunk or inside the car. Place a large, easier to search. At least, so first think ... So, to inspect the car, whose owner - a woman, for the presence of viable or not at all things.

  1. Rules of the Road. Typically, the latest version. Sometimes, even the Code of adminnarushenii. It argues meat with them that she feels safer.
  2. User and service book of the car. The fair sex in most cases not able to change a tire or repair something. Useful always handy.
  3. Battery charger for mobile phones. Besides that you will call and pisat sms or mms, there is such a thing as an unstable network, or simply the desire of your child (if you have it) to play the game. And it will be very disappointing stay with no connection at the right time.
  4. Paper Card. Now such a thing have been actively displace GPR-navigators. However, the link with the satellite may disappear, the mobile network as well. ByThis write off the good old paper map is not required.
  5. CD-disks, USB flash drive. Radio - a thing, of course, useful, but there still is an advertisement. Therefore, the disk with your favorite tracks (without commercial breaks) - exactly what you need on the road for a good mood.
  6. Sunglasses. Now gaining popularity special glasses for drivetelya that not only protect from the sun but also from light oncoming cars at night. However, the usual points on the road in handy.
  7. Wet wipes, hand sanitizer. In addition, they rubbed his hands, and someone else can polirnut panel of the car.
  8. Lollipops. Raise yourself up and quench the first attack of hunger - that's why we need a handfulcandy in the glove compartment of a car.
  9. Dried fruits. These products satisfy your hunger and give strength to the long trip. All kinds of chips and nuts on the road is not worth taking - they cause thirst.
  10. Water. No comments yet.

It is also complemented by a female car arsenal cosmetics, perfume, a pair of stockings, replaceableshoes (for those who are uncomfortable pedal slippers on his heels) and accessories to it (avtopyatka). However, we must remember that all should be in moderation. Do not make a mess in the glove compartment!

« And you can look in your bags? »

With this question-asking suited to female students and teachers fromdivision of journalism. Who refused to somebody happily agreed, someone previously checked the contents of the bag - so that's what came out of it.

&Laquo; This is her bag? Maybe take a look? - Do not touch! Women's bag - it's a trap. It stores those secrets about which we should not know! » - That's talking about Mr. Handbagseroi one of Hollywood comedies. To confirm or refute the theory that female bag - almost a black hole, people decided promonitorit contents of the bag girl journalist during the session.

Let's start: Lyudmila, fourth-year student, shared with us that often in his bag to find things that she herself, and surprised. TOexample out of her bag she pulled out a wallet, phone, player, candy, sugar substitute, paper boat, about 40 business cards, notebooks, matches, lighters, gradebook, bandanna, bookmark. From all the bags contents Lyudmila allocates mp3-player, without which even the store tries not to go near. « I believe that the bag - subject towh ich can tell about a girl more than she did. Have you noticed that girls are often not allowed to look into his bag? » - she jokes.

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