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The benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

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To date, 90% of all lung diseases isconsequence of smoking. Most often arise as a result of smoking and chronic obstructive bronchitis, and malignant tumors. - Propaganda - the best way to combat smoking, - says the doctor-pulmonologist Andrew. - This is especially true of young people, which it calls a very negative effect. Educational work doctors must conduct notlko the reception of patients, but also in factories, schools and the like. It is necessary to bring to the attention of people that do not smoke. Direct methods (pills replacing cigarettes or dried plants) do not help. Willpower of the smoker, his own understanding of the fact that smoking is bad for health - it is the most effective way izbavitsI have a bad habit. Candy corn instead of cigarettes, pills and smoking will not help.

- Very good operating method when the show to how smoking causes terrible consequences, the example of heavy smokers who are in serious condition, - says Andrey. - When a smoker sees bluish foreheadcentury, which suffocates while he realizes the scale of the disaster, picks up the willpower and quit smoking. Therefore, I am sure that only promote a healthy lifestyle and good examples of the effects of smoking can help reduce the number of people who smoke. But if you can not quit, then the electronic cigarette for you. They are notso negative affect on the human body as usual.

Why choose electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarettes nicotine to the forum. They were created in order to completely eliminate it - the main component of cigarettes, which adversely affects the mucous membrane of the trachea and bronchi. Harmful The substanceTwa that a person inhales a cigarette with a simple, well irritate the trachea and bronchi. But that is not possible to say about electronic cigarettes. Probably, they have not so strong effect as nicotine and tar, but this, secure smoke, mainstream people while smoking cigarettes E, not a bad influence on the epithelium of the trachea and bronchi. During smoking of electronic cigarettes in the same way as usual, need to be tightened and do some pressure on inspiration. But the damage is very different.

Electronic Cigarettes – the best method to quit smoking

Electronic cigarette gave me, - says the manager of Yuri, who smokes ten years. - Itway to quit smoking. Who chews a carrot or sucking sweets when there is a desire, and I take the electronic cigarette. It turns out that the process is the same as nicotine and tar do not inhale. One such cigarette is worth a few hryvnia. It is as if no one interferes, and not harm, charging from your computer: simple, convenient and modern.

Doctors believe that electronic cigarettes - a solution to the problem of the smoker, and not mislead them himself. Saving the lungs of tar, a person does not endanger the heart and blood vessels.

If you want a no smoking - aware of the problem and move on to electronic cigarettes!

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