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10 interesting facts about the mattresses

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Most people conceivetaking care of the mattress only when there are problems with them. And you probably were not even aware that a piece of foam with springs in your bedroom can hide some interesting secrets.
Ten of the most interesting facts about the mattress that you did not know.

1. The most popular type of mattress - least favorite.

Among all the mattresses the largest share of sales (according to different estimates up to 80%) in the spring mattresses. But they also have a lot of negative feedback. Only 63% of owners of spring mattresses reported they were satisfied with the purchase. By comparison, its matiratsamy satisfied more than 80% of the owners of mattressesLatex and memory material, and 79% - the water mattress.

2. Throw away your bed with the terrifying creatures.

As used mattresses and pillows can hide a thousand microscopic dust mites and their excrement in the cavities between tissues. Microscopic dust mites existalmost everywhere where there is cloth, carpets, plus the animals or people, especially in wet conditions. They do not bite and feed on dead cells, but cause allergies and asthma. The best way to minimize dust mites - the use of anti-allergenic mattress regularly to clean and wash the bed.

3. The mattress can be taken for recycling.

Mattresses are large and bulky, and many people do not know what to do with the old one, acquiring a new one. You can throw it in a landfill, where it will take place for centuries next to the other stuff. You can also re-sell or give away a mattress that is still in decent shape. Or you can pass it onprocessing. And metal springs may be reusable, wood fibers may become a source of fuel, and latex and tissue processed for use, for example in upholstery. Recycling industry is very actively developed and promoted in the world.

4. Your mattress - a favorite bait for thieves

We've all heard the jokes about hidden under the mattress money. And the robbers also heard them. Therefore, the mattress - it is the number one place where the apartment thieves will look for hidden valuables. Moreover, sleeping on a pile of money and valuables probably not very good for your back.

5. Mattresses once held on the ropes

Before a proliferation of modern models of beds - mattresses were attached by ropes stretched in a wooden frame. And it turns out that the phrase "sleep tight" comes from this period of time when people had to tighten the rope firmly in bed to the mattress does not sag.

6. In the US, the law requiresTo mattresses are fireproof.

In 2007, the US passed a law under which all mattresses must meet a certain level of flammability. Basically, the bed must withstand an open flame for 30 seconds (do not try this at home). The law adopted in order to reduce the risk of fires ands of unattended cigarettes or candles.

7. Domino of mattresses is a popular category of world records.

There is such an interesting thing as the « mattress dominoes & raquo ;. The largest, fixed Guinness Book of Records, the game of dominoes was composed of a thousand and one mattress and peopleShanghai in 2012. Earlier, the US record was set of dominoes in New Orleans with 850 people and mattresses.

8. If you can not fall asleep for a long time - a sign of a bad mattress.

If you sleep takes more than 10-15 minutes, you may need a better mattress. Studies show that the majorityof peo- ple should be easy to fall asleep during this period of time, if there are no problems with its own bed.

9. Everyone wants to become king -)

It turns out that the most popular size mattresses - Royal. Mattress size "Queen" buy more often than any other size.

10. Unmade Beds canbe helpful to health.

Mom always taught us carefully about making the bed. Carefully done beds really looks good - but studies of Kingston University found that the disclosed bed healthier. The fact is that when you carefully veiled - creating an ideal environment fordust mites. And when you leave the bed open, the air and sunlight help to fight pests.

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