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5 Tips: How to choose a mattress on the double bed

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Today the supply of orthopedic mattresses are quite diverse, which allows each family to buy the necessary bedding accessory. Spring mattresses (with dependent lmbo independent spring block) or Springless - the choice is purely personal. This task is not so difficult if you choose One chelovek personally for his bed. It's quite another thing when you need to buy a mattress on the double bed. Consider the advice of experts on the successful selection of accessory bed for two. And they tell us Romanov AP - employee e-shop "Good Matras", where you can see all sorts of mattresses.

Tip 1. We are looking for a compromise

When couples decide to replace the old one with a new mattress with orthopedic effect, while in front of them there   a difficult question: how to optimally combine different weight and stiffness wishes? After all, his wife wants to be sleeping on a soft mattress, while, as the husband is requiredstkaya basis. In this case the mattress will dvutipnoy rigidity. These products are perfect for a double bed, because they have: one side - tough, and the second - medium soft.

Tip 2: Separate the elements come together

If one of the spouses is suffering boLeznov lumbar spine and other diseases, and the other - completely healthy, the patient need to buy a particular product, stiffness, while people without disabilities can choose a mattress based on comfort. Integrity is because, for example, in diseases of the spine soft mattress does not provide the necessaryw support for it. This will manifest itself negatively on the quality of sleep. Then, as excessive rigidity of the mattress in a person weighing up to 95 kg, during sleep vyzvet discomfort. In this case, the best solution is to buy two mattresses (80h200) uniform thickness, which are connected into a single framework using mattress cover.

Tip 3: Selecting a modern model

If the wife refuses on principle to two separate single reason, it is advisable to buy a mattress with box spring Dual Spring (double spring). The peculiarity of the mattress - the design of the spring (it consists of investments and principal). With an averageweight person will be used outside of the spring, at an elevated (95 kg) - are useful internal. With a solid structure (180x190), each spouse will receive the necessary individual support of the spine and other areas of the body.

Tip 4: Pay attention to the content

An interesting alternative would be a decision to buy a mattress filled with asymmetric-based unit with independent springs (160x200). As such, it can be used natural rubber latex or coconut bark. Independent springs provide optimum support for the body during sleep, and the filler will be able to add the necessary rigidity.

Tip 5: And finally, do not add comfort

When there is the need to buy a mattress, each family chooses a model, based on the available budget. Often, the desire to save leads to discomfort, which then wife suffer for the setGIH years. Therefore, in order not to spend a lot of money once again, it is better to do it one time and buy a really good product. For objectivity's sake it should be noted that the model with a dependent spring block - this is not the best solution for a double mattress, of course, if you do not want to sleep to feel every movement of their desksinequality.

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