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Smart cleaning robot

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The level of technology makes it possible to believe that very soon poyavyatsya household robots, hit will be able to do most of the housework. Of course, today there are household robots, but they can only do a certain work at home. Today we look at the 10 most unique robots for the home. By the way, buy a cleaning robot you can the online store:.

1. Combi 2 in 1 - a functional robot cleaner

Combi - an automated vacuum cleaner that can facilitate cleaning your room. In addition, it can clean the room in the automatic mode, it is also equipped with a removable mini-vacuum cleaner so that you can manually remove the dust in the places where the Combi can not get it.

2. Robot TODY a starfish

You can control your robot TODY using voice commands or he will work for a given program, with the help of special. application from your smartphone. It is made in the form of a starfish. This allows him to use flexible "tentacles" to perform various tasks around the house. TODY able to overcome various obstacles tt hat and even walk up the stairs. The robot is able to clean the surface of: curtains, carpets, floors, furniture and other items.

3. Electrolux Hover Bot - robot vacuum cleaner in the form of a turtle

Electrolux Company has released a new automatic robot vacuum cleaner that can clean all the surfaces in your home. The main advantage of this robot - completely automatic cleaning, without any human intervention. Despite its unusual appearance, the robot vacuum cleaner just flies around the house, doing the dirty work for you.

4. Vacuum Band - new belt cleaner

In general, the dust is going into laborto-reach places and near the walls. To solve this problem, the design team created a concept called vacuum band (Vacuum Band). Outwardly, it looks like a huge roulette, which stretched along the floor. She draws in: hair, dust, hair and other debris.

5. Robo TAP Cleaner

Manage dataRobot you using protaptyvaniya in the desired location. So, the owner of the robot cleaner wears special shoes, by which it shall specify where Robo TAP Cleaner will do the cleaning.

6. Moneual Rydis H67 - universal robot cleaner

Rydis H67 - a robotic vacuum cleaner thatworks in 2 modes:

  • « dry mop mode » thoroughly cleans hard surfaces;
  • standard mode simply removes debris and dust from carpet and hard surfaces.

7. Nanophea - cleaning robot in the form of a flying saucer

Its main advantage - it's height (12.7 cm). It can get under the bed and there the space completely clear. In the case of complete discharge, Nanophea, the signal of the infrared sensor, will return to the dock.

8. Household cleaners Electrolux Jell Balls

This gadget can clean the roomusing gelatin beads absorb all dirt and dust. Inside the dock there is a compartment where, after filtration balls collected dust cleared. Jell Balls also suitable for wet cleaning.

9. Panasonic MC-RS1 Rulo - triangular robot cleaner

The main advantage of Rulo - is double-sided brushand at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner and its triangular shape. With this Rulo able to collect even the smallest dust in the corners of the room. Rulo Activated by pressing a button on the case or else when using the remote control.

10. Counterbot - ultraviolet sanitayzer for countertops

By removing the countertop, in everyday lifeand we just wipe it with a damp cloth or napkins. But after such a cleaning surface are millions of very dangerous bacteria, on which will help us get rid of ultraviolet robot sanitayzer Counterbot.

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