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Relax on the Berdyansk spit

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Berdyansk spit removed in the Sea of ??Azov is 20 km away. Only here the most pure and warm water, andclean sand bottom. Berdyansk spit - is truly a gift of nature. This braid is divided into short-, medium- and long-range Spit, which provide a peninsula in the form of a sickle, cleaving the waters of the sea. Spit is rich in natural resources, and then it is not equal. Knowingly received Berdyansk spit sonorous name « the pearl of the Azov Sea & raquo ;. From Baovert its riches can be called Silt mud that filled lagoons, lakes located at the base of the spit. And then let's talk about the rest in this southern town and tell us about it Afanasyeva KN - editor of the portal "":

The Sea of ??Azov and the rest with children

Ahead of the holiday season and againMany couples start worrying question: where is the rest with children? After all, the sea would be desirable, and so the rest do not have a negative impact on their chadah then. Alternative outdoor activities can be discarded at once, since it is better for adults. After all, you do not climb into the mountains with children, scuba diving and live in tents will also be difficult. Here, inExit probably one is - Berdyansk holidays.

Speaking of the Sea of ??Azov, is said of Berdyansk. Berdyansk - a good example of how to lure tourists not very interesting piece of sea shore. Do not be offended at me in Berdyansk and fans of the Azov Sea, but for me it was an occasion to visit Berdyansk banal WellReluctance to make more money. In the Azov Sea vacation - it's actually swimming in the sea and a generous opportunity to burn, oh, sorry, get a tan. Well, you can still healing mud smeared. Actually all. This holiday is boring for me: vyalyatsya on the beach I do not like. How can I lie down with my pain in the ... you know where! And pour a liter of alcoholIt can be anywhere, for that even the sea - a phenomenon not mandatory. Of course, if you have very young children, the Sea of ??Azov was coined for them: a shallow, well warmed, is not a smooth rocky bottom: Sunset at sea, your child does not break your nose if it shturhonet wave.

But I do not pull back onthe fact that I do not have children, and, as I wrote above, the landscape there is boring, as well as the underwater world. But in Berdyansk yet figured out how to make the health-resort could put a tick in the "good rest". This is achieved by sculptures and monuments. In Berdyansk is: monuments of prominent persons, war memorials and steles, memorypendulum-ships. They are serious and, pardon the pun, "memorable." Their role - to remind about events and people. Such monuments in every city. For many people, they are interesting only if they can get out. But still, this place attracts many people to afford it for its beauty. Do not believe me? Then come to Berdyansk, and do all HCgo.

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