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How can home to get out of the binge

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From the binge affects not only the lovers of booze, but their families, who in this case suffer esche larger than the alcoholic. Binge - drinking it for 2 or more days in a row. If people want in the morning after yesterday's sober, consider that he had gone into the bout. Just at the moment and begins the second stage of alcoholism. This problem more difficult to solve, the longer a person is to be in this state. Moredetail of a drinking bout.

As in the shortest possible time to get out of the binge? To accomplish this task, you must choose the right moment. From a psychological point of view, to get out of the binge, you need at least 2 days. The most significant effect can be obtained only after 3 - 4 days after cessation of drinking. Noticeable relief foreheadsage of feel for the 2nd day.

But remember that without a real desire of the alcoholic take it out of the binge is almost unreal. The alcoholic himself must want to quit drinking. However, to achieve such a decision by a drunken man hard enough, but all the same, nothing is impossible.

Sometimes at homeBarrier-get out of the binge is much easier than in a hospital. Only the relatives of the patient need to be reserved by determination, patience and courage. How to get out of the binge with the smaller losses of nerves and energy?

Basic principles of treatment:

  • withdrawal of depression as the popular and necessary medication;
  • healthy food increased;
  • the elimination of adverse symptoms.

When you exit the binge You also need the following medicines: 8 capsules Essentiale forte, 20-25 drops valokordin, mezima 8 tablets, 12 tablets of activated charcoal, 2 tabletsatenolol (for those who suffer from heart disease).


  1. In the evening, you need to stop drinking and go to bed early (21.00 - 22.00). Part of fusel vapor leaves the body for a long sleep;
  2. We get no earlier than 10 o'clock in the morning. After waking No.ivaem yogurt, milk, brew sweet tea or sugar water. At the moment, you can not drink coffee. You need to drink a lot. At the same time you need to take: valokordin, 6 tablets of activated charcoal and 2 capsules mezima and essensiale forte. Breakfast needs to be postponed. Breakfast can be chicken broth. Bouillon you can eat white bread (if not avertedof food). Completely eliminate the need to receive solid food. If there is vomiting, need more time to eat and drink the broth of the above drinks;
  3. The patient needs complete rest during this period. It is necessary in this day full limit contact with the patient's friends and acquaintances. These days it is best to stay in bed;
  4. At lunch, you need to eat thin soup or broth and drink 2 capsules mezima and essensiale forte. If you have tachycardia or fibrillation to drink poltabletki atenolol. 2nd half of atenolol tablets should be taken in the evening;
  5. The 19.00 - 20.00 dinner soup or liquid porridge. Hereimportant not to overeat, because that person has a keen sense of hunger;
  6. Immediately after dinner, go to bed;
  7.   The next day, get up at 9.00 - 10.00. In the morning, allowed to drink one cup of coffee, well. Except valokordin, other medications must be taken at the sameamounts as the day before. Depression can help you overcome a good movie or a favorite thing. It is necessary to drink a lot of fluids. If you have an appetite - you can eat dense, but without fanaticism.

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