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Become even more beautiful with the help of Spa

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Probably every woman dreams of a clean, smooth, supple and radiant healthy foovem skin. So you want to tone cream only emphasized the beauty of the lines and not masked the many shortcomings; wrinkles to appear only in the expression of positive emotions. In fact - it's easy! The main thing to love and delight yourself relaxation procedures, to give professional care and have a good mood from the cutultata! Simply visit the Spa-Salon. After computer diagnostics of skin, cosmetologist will select the tools that solve the problems of your skin and prescribe a course of care.

At your service: proven techniques of massage, Spa-treatments, cleaning, peeling, techniques pharmacopuncture ("injection of Beauty"), a non-invasive mezoterapiya. Good Spa-salons in contact with the best specialists in various fields of medicine, including plastic surgery, so their customers immediately fall into the "professional hands," get competent medical advice and an individual program of improvement. Spa-salons offer pre- and post-operative care, whichnot only preparing to « aggressive » surgery, but also significantly increases the resilience of the body. For example, in St. Petersburg, this salon is a « Amphora & raquo ;:.


Spa program - arange of professional treatments provided for you by one or more experts chosen institution. This is not just a balanced program of care and the holistic philosophy of relaxation and beauty. Day at the Spa will help to forget about the stress and immerse yourself in the world of beauty, harmony and health.

Each Spa-facialsHurrah created for a specific task:

  • improve skin;
  • restore hair;
  • correct figure;
  • complex to prepare for a wedding or any other important date;
  • surprise gift certificate beloved husband;
  • just give yourself an unforgettable hours of relaxation.

A variety of Spa care, professionalism and efficiency of procedures beauticians will give your skin youth and beauty, will help solve the aesthetic proproblems and stop the process of aging. To achieve such a state of bliss help relaxation Spa treatments:

  • Vichy shower;
  • telasoterapiya;
  • Stone therapy;
  • massage;
  • apomaterapiya;
  • Spa-complex program.

The perfection of the body knows no boundaries, but he knows possibilities. Spa gives you the opportunity to make your body more perfect and attractive and fully enjoy the process.

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