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Bouquet and decorate cottonweed and insect

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It's nice when a house decorated with flowers. But not everyone knows how to make a beautiful bouquet and extendlife of fresh flowers.

The period of chrysanthemums

Very good in a bouquet of seasonal flowers look. For example, in late autumn - a period of chrysanthemums. These flowers give better without adding in a bouquet or other decorative materials, chrysanthemums look after themselves very well in the bouquet. Beautiful Bouquett is possible to make of the classic roses, daisies, lilies, which are sold in stores or throughout the year.

Rules bouquets

In general, there are a few rules of bouquets. And tell us about them, Ivanov AP - employee e-shop colors. First, opredelitess with his form. If it needs to be round, then a flower conclude above, and all other around - below. If it is a triangle, then each next flower must be lower than the previous one. If you need to have a curved stem of a flower, and she is straight, thick and solid, as in the gerbera you can use a special wire green color, whichFirst threaded into the head of color and twist around the stem, and now you can give the necessary form a flower.

Pay attention to the colors in the bouquet. Better when they are not more than two or three. And the color of additional plants should highlight and set off the central flower color. In addition, you can use dried flowers such as baby's breath or cleaning(small white), as well as the leaves of indoor plants, such as ferns and asparagus. Do not be afraid to damage the leaf-cutting plant, on the contrary, it will do her good. Remember that the central flower has to be larger than the one in the background. The flower arrangement, in contrast to the bouquet, you can use more colors.

Onwrapper, it is better to buy a new one, although many retain the wrapper of donated flowers. If this is corrugated paper, it really can be recycled, but the decorative cellophane crumpled very fast and can only spoil the bunch. Now there are a lot of decorative materials such as colored fibers reticula even figures insectswhich can also be used by purchasing pre-in flower shops.

It is made with his own bouquet will be a good gift and will cost you less than bought off the shelf. In addition, you can be sure that he will stand for a long time, because themselves chose flowers and greenery for him and not trust the seller, whocould use stale, withered plants for the bouquet.

How to prolong the life of flowers?

If the bouquet presented to you, there are a few ways to do so that he stood for as long as possible. Be sure to cut the ends of the flower stems at an angle. Clean out the stem from the leaf to the level toyou immerse it in water in a vase as the water leaves port and a bouquet of long outages. Every two days, change the water in the vase and trimmed the stems at an angle. This will prolong the life of flowers.

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