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Ease of travel sickness using a cot with a pendulum

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Many parents start to plabined life with a kid, long before his birth. And this is quite understandable, because "freshly baked" Mother much more convenient to return to the apartment, which will be 100% ready for a baby than to buy all right after returning from the hospital. It is therefore not necessary to postpone the choice of a cot — You can buy it Bandsbe friends or relatives. If you are superstitious and believe the signs that you should not buy a thing in advance, then you can do it and after childbirth, but better to choose a model crib before leaving the hospital. We need to decide what it will be to represent themselves: playpen bed, cot with a pendulum, a cradle for newborns or regularWooden bed — up to you.

Even if you do not wait for the 1st child, the difficulty lies in the fact that to predict that he will need and how it will be nearly impossible. No one knows how you will stack the kid, maybe it will be a long sickness, or the co-sleeping, and perhaps is that rebenoin the first days will be easy to fall asleep in his crib, but in any case it is necessary to purchase the nursery because it has a lot of advantages:

  • to co-sleeping with the baby you can take a side and put his bed;
  • there is no need to download a crib;
  • the pendulum mechanism is very easy to be blocked;
  • cot mayatnik a chest or box will provide an opportunity to have on hand is always a stock of diapers, diapers, etc.. things.

This cot is a great wedding gift for the newlyweds waiting for baby — it is useful and touching gift future parents.

What are cots with pendulum?

The design of the pendulum (tilt mechanism), isolated cribs with transverse and longitudinal pendulum, as well as those that can swing both sides with respect to lying in bed baby and « up and down » (universal). Crib with a cross-pendulum is often a little cheaper VersatilityOn the longitudinal and options.

There are the following types of cots with pendulum mechanism:

  • Bed-transformer with a pendulum;
  • model with compartment;
  • a model that combines a chest of drawers with a cot pendulum;
  • Teenager beds;
  • transformer with a cradle for the baby;
  • with wheels;
  • without wheels.

Those who can understand the instructions and know how to hold a screwdriver in his hand - be able to collect it without difficulty, and if you do not want to imagine the trouble, you can order the service assembly professionals. < / p>

The Pros and Cons

If you look at the discussion forums and reviews,that accompany cots with pendulum, you will see that there are 2 nd main groups of opponents cots of this type:

  • the fans the idea of ??independent baby sleep since the first days;
  • fans of co-sleeping.

So, « pediatrician All Russia » - StoleHeff Dr. Komorowski also spoke negatively against rocking the baby, arguing your opinion immature vestibular apparatus of the child. But it is not clear how motion sickness can hurt a child who 9 months « rocking » tummy mom. Well, in this case, who to believe — select only the parents. The mainargument « for » is convenience cots with pendulum, and the ability to lull the baby not on hand. This is especially valuable when the baby grew up and it is already difficult to keep on hand, but without the motion sickness he could not sleep.

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