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How to choose the right stroller for children?

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Start selection of trucks experienced mothers are advised to tape measure in hand, as the first criterion for children « transport » It is its size. Entrance doors, elevator, at the end of the size of the luggage in the car - all of this can become an insurmountable obstacle to the mother, if at the last moment it turns out that the new « Coach » the kid just does not fit in a doorway or in the trunk of a car.

The second criterion - the weight. It is necessary to take into account the placeresidence, as well as physical strength count mom if import and export carriage out of the apartment she would have alone. Weight of child transportation varies from 5 kg in sedentary type models « stick » 20 kg (and sometimes a bit more) in the full four-wheel « SUVs & raquo ;. Three-wheeled stroller usually weighfrom 10 to 15 kg. To no sticks in the wheels

Features choice of wheels

As with buying a car, choosing a stroller should take into account the characteristics of its chassis, primarily talking about wheels. They are the main parts of the area and the risk, and in all carriages. Wheels can be: doubleor single; inflatable (rubber) or plastic; rigidly fixed or floating; big or small. Clearly, what influence the wheel and maneuverability trolley. As a general rule: the bigger the wheel, the more likely parents walking with her child in spite of the weather. Especially if these wheels are real, that is, rubbervye. These carts can be considered full-fledged SUV. True, they weigh almost as a « a full-fledged SUV & raquo ;. In addition, many mothers there is a prejudice, they say rubber wheels are down and they have to regularly pump. However, do not be afraid ahead of time: usually swap their accounts for no more than once a year. ToLaski with small wheels much easier, but in the Ukrainian « asphalt off-road » winter ride on such transport will be able to no further than the nearest shop.

The advantage of floating wheels

The advantage of floating wheels is that they are free to return to directionof motion of the trolley, you just send it in the right direction. This is very handy if you go an equal asphalt road. To rotate the fixed wheels, the truck should be placed « rearing » and only then return. Some models have one pair of wheels of floating and the other - fixed. However, despite assurancesI have more maneuverability manufacturers such « Coach & raquo ;, in its management and not have to get used to all this « hybrid » accounting for taste. Just have a reservation and for cars, in which the front and rear pair of wheels of different sizes. It looks so stylish truck, but the asphalt is usually starts « slip & raquo ;. Sovremtary trolley may have not only classic four wheels, and three. Manufacturers claim that the three-wheeled models are more maneuverable and thus much easier. In addition, many mothers attracts a trendy look this « transport & raquo ;. Among other technical capabilities of trucks should pay attention to the fact that some models haveie hand brakes, which are very justify themselves on the steep climbs and descents, as well as clips of floating wheels.

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