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Osteochondrosis: truth and myths about the disease of the XXI century

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Back pain, numbness in hands and feet,dizziness, tinnitus, diplopia, « jumps » heart ... The reason for these seemingly unrelated symptoms can be low back pain - one of the most common and insidious disease of our time.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of « affected » osteochondrosis constantJanno growing in all the countries of the world, and the disease has become a serious medical and social economic problem. Ukraine, unfortunately - among the leaders of this negative process. What is the reason? How to protect yourself from new « the plague of the XXI century & raquo ;? How to treat low back pain? These and other questions are answered Honored Doctor of Ukraine- Bersenev Vladimir Andreyevich. By the way,.

- According to statistics, in the last 20 years the number of patients with osteochondrosis of the seriously increased. Why is that?

- Probably improved methods of statistical research (smiles). But seriously, the incidence of osteochondrosis has always been high. Some of the giants said,That if the disease was contagious, it would be possible to declare a pandemic. Thus, almost all of the factors that enhance our modern life (TV, computers, cars ...) and those that degrade (ecology, bad habits ...) significantly increase the number of patients with osteochondrosis.

- Why lately osteochondritiss markedly « younger & raquo ;? Now it is a disease, not only the elderly, but also young ...

- It all starts with a simple: little kids moving! In schools they avoid physical education, which are so little. Bring some medspravki and teachers indifferent ... In education the situation is no better, children are also a little busyimayutsya physical culture and sports - nowhere and no time ...

- What preventive measures should be taken to reduce the likelihood of disease osteochondrosis?

- Of course, the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Therefore, from the very first months of life the child should be regularly examined by a podiatrist to prevent and, if chegto take measures to eliminate congenital or acquired defects (torticollis, clubfoot, flat feet, impaired posture and so on. n.). An important element of prevention is also a gym.

- Patients with osteochondrosis necessary to conduct a special (very cautious) way of life. What do you advise how to sit, stand, get out of bed, podnimats and carry gravity, and so on. p.?

- Osteochondrosis - a chronic disease in which shows an active lifestyle. But be very careful to behave in exacerbation of the disease. For proper seating should be comfortable leg position, should be put under the waist « cushion & raquo ;, must support between the shoulder blades and under the head. Standing necessaryconstantly thinking about my stomach and buttocks muscles which have to strain and pulls. From the bed to get up - only « the right foot & raquo ;. Lift and carry the severity of need both hands if you need to sit down - the spine should be smooth.

- Now widely advertised folk methods of dealing with osteochondrosis. But doctors warn that suchtreatment may even complicate the situation. What do you advise patients? To whom to contact in the first place?

- First, you need to see a specialist - a neurologist, orthopedist or Spine. He can tell what people's method of work, from which there is no use, and may even be harmful to it. For example, there may be local burns Compessov, lotions and more.

- You noted that an important element in the prevention and treatment of degenerative disc disease is gymnastics. As the patient to choose the right set of exercises? Is there enough of the information that is in the books and the Internet?

- Choose exercises will only be a specialist as low back pain - it's not just « bykladyvanie salt & raquo ;, as some people think, but a complex syndrome with various complications. There is a method of treatment of movement as kinesitherapy, one of the principles that has followingManufacture statement: « correct movement treats wrong - cripples & raquo ;. First, we need to undergo treatment in specialized centers in reabilitolOgooue that teach the correct move, provide recommendations, and only when you are aware, then you will be able to receive information from the Internet and books.

- Another popular method of treatment - self-massage. Can a person on their own to help yourself?

- Self-massage is an effective way to treat not only osteochondrosis. ButAgain, I focus your attention: you first need to see a specialist for advice about the correct execution of techniques. The specialist will tell part of the body and how the pressure can be massaged, with what frequency and speed ...

- In ancient times, our ancestors treated osteochondrosis bath procedures. This methodand now has the right to life?

- Yes, the use of bath procedures is undeniable, and in our time. The only thing I would caution - during acute illness should not take thermal treatments. On the contrary - we need the cold (cryotherapy).

- It must be sick osteochondrosis particular food?

- What kind of a special diet does not requireXia. Patients with osteochondrosis must be a normal, balanced diet.

- You said that low back pain - a condition in which shows an active lifestyle. That is the taboo of sports?

- On the other hand, low back pain - this is the first call to begin active life. You can do gymnastics at home, at the gym, swim inpool ... So there are limitations for certain kinds of sports, for example, it is not desirable to engage in tennis. In general, the expert will tell you what style it is desirable to swim, which muscles and how to « pump » in the gym ... And forward!

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