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The problem of infertility in Rivne region.

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The number of infertile couples in Rivne region is growing every year - states the regional medical centerand family planning and human reproduction. Only in the first nine months of this year registered more than 1,300 set of such pairs. It is four hundred more than the same period of 2011. Joy of parenthood, they can not feel for different reasons. Among them: the mistakes of youth and continuous growth pace of life.
She did not want to show the person onthat he did not want to know about personal problems familiar. This is Helen. She - 25. Several years of unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant have given doctors reason to render a verdict terrible woman - infertility. Then - for many months rocker trim public and private health facilities. All useless. Find out the least cause of the disease - could not.

-Elena: "Could not figure out the reason. It was very difficult, when you see that your girlfriend's pregnant, and you feel the outsider and can not do anything".

The regional center of family planning and Reproduction rights - a place where help such as Elena. Doctors say places - each year the number of patients,They grow.

- Inna Sharov, head of the department of reproductive health "OTSPS and RL":

  • In the first place - greatly increased the number of inflammatory diseases, and as a result of inflammatory processes that cause the formation of cysts, suppuration in the fallopian tubes, the formation of hydrosalpinx. And all this leads to the fact that disrupted the function of the fallopian tubes ";
  • Another common cause of female infertility - hormone. Modern women want to fulfill your potential and delaying childbirth to 30. The pace of life and nervous stress lead to failures in the system. And doctors are thicketss talk about male infertility. Its share among the total number of couples who can not conceive - nearly the same as the female. The main reason - the same inflammation.

- Roman Krichilsky, urologist, andrologist "OTSPS and RL": "Those or other inflammation of the male urogenital system, lead to a deteriorationindicators of ejaculate and actually decreases the probability of conception in a pair. These problems also leads promiscuity and sexually promiscuous ".

The absence of pregnancy within one year of regular sexual intercourse without using contraceptives are already infertile. The reason may be that of a woman and a man.Therefore, both of you need to be screened. It is necessary to go through extensive computer diagnostics for each of you. This will reveal the possible cause of infertility, including:

  • endocrine, immune status;
  • chronic inflammatory diseases;
  • anatomical deficiencies;
  • hereditary diseases.

Adverse ecological background provoke variations in the thyroid gland. Often eliminate dysfunction of the body restores the reproductive system. According to the surveythe doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment of infertility, which is aimed at correcting the problems identified. Opportunities medical equipment enable:

  • to treat inflammatory diseases;
  • to carry out reorganization of the reproductive system;
  • align functiondeviations in the bodies.

Quite often, the correction requires not only urinary-genital system. Therefore, treatment is carried out in complex, attracting modern techniques (ozone therapy, detoxification, colon hydrotherapy) and tested for centuries: reflexology, hirudotherapy, massage. If necessary, use drugsand homeopathic remedies.

But it is not always possible to fix the problem and then what - a woman can not experience the joy of motherhood? Fortunately not! To date, worldwide gold standard in the treatment of infertility is in vitro fertilization (IVF). Residents of Ukraine have the opportunity to pass this itemThe procedure for Kiev in the medical center "TurMed". By fertilization in the laboratory in a special incubator. Today in the world live for thousands of children conceived using IVF. Immenno this method has helped our heroine Elena to become a mother. Today, seven years her son Andrew pleases her loud laugh and a wonderful smile. Do not despair if you usedesplodie refer to specialists and you are sure to become parents!

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