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Features of the Finnish sauna

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Pawn healthy life of any man - proper nutrition, fitness and careful care of his body. And if in this chain there is a Finnish sauna - zdorovaya skin and a strong immune system will forever companion life of any person.

The Finnish sauna   – entirely of wood, usually made of hardwood: basswood, aspen and birch. Warming up from 70 to 100 degrees with a thermostat or firewood. In contrast to the Russian baths, hammam, sauna at the Finnish - Humidity 10 to 20%. This sauna with dry heat, therefore transferred a lot easier! To control humidity, pouring water on hot stones, but the effect does not last long – Dry air immediately comes into its own.

What we have to « hot & raquo ;? Spa treatments in Finnish!

Regulyarnoe Finnish sauna Babylon in Nikolaev:   provides health benefits for the whole body, but has its own characteristics, such as undesirable to drink alcohol and eat before the procedure.

So, before visiting the Finnish sauna:

• take a shower (without soapThat during a visit to the sauna is not dry up the skin), carefully dry off with a towel;
• hair is not wet;
• remove jewelry and accessories;
• bring a towel and a hat (to protect hair from hot air).

The first time you need to take a sauna more than 10 minutes on the bottom shelf(top – too hot air that you want to « to be ready »). The next approach to increase the reception for 5 minutes. The total time of reception of the Finnish sauna should be no more than two hours.

Between the calls in a steam room is recommended to take a shower or swimming pool. It is important to avoid sudden laneepada temperatures: in the Finnish sauna the temperature is quite high, and immediately exit pour very cold (ice) water – contraindicated.

It is best for healing and slimming toning contrast or take a cool shower – it will give the charge cheerfulness and positive stress, and the bodyimmune system.

In the Finnish sauna there are contraindications: low blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, fever. Therefore, before going to the sauna is better to consult a doctor.

lovers, and a Finnish sauna as interesting!

  After the saunavery well make a mask: enlarged pores, so the best mask and scrub most useful – This coffee (ground coffee - coffee grounds). Apply this mask on the body and allow to soak for at least 10 minutes and then wash off. And after such a mask to use nourishing cream – and voila! True fans will get a perfect sauna and velvetskin from the Finnish spa treatments.

  The use of the Finnish sauna:

  1. Because the body cleans.
&Nbsp; 2. Warms up the airways, blood circulation improves.
&Nbsp; 3. The pores are opened, the skin is cleansed.
&Nbsp; 4. Massage after a sauna – best spa treatment for the skin.
  5.Improving the health and emotional state.
&Nbsp; 6. Toning effect for the whole body (due to temperature changes, there is a wellness « shake » the body, feel better).

&Nbsp; For a perfect state of health, rejuvenation and inner charge of vivacity just need
  Dregularly use the Finnish « & raquo ;! resorts Have fun!

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