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What should be a good dental clinic

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As noted in each of Dentistry, the trust of customers - is the most valuable thing they have. And in order to justify it, experts kazhDogo institutions regularly attend courses (both in our country and abroad), which are necessary in order to improve their skills. All the while increasing the level of their knowledge, the doctor will melt one of the most popular among patients. After all, the best advertising - it is grateful and positive customer feedback. Here's what you can hear from customers who are nahodyatsya queue to the doctor: "In this Dentistry today are receiving some of the best dentists, staffed by nurses, nurse, accountant, administrator. Instead, an old dental chair - four new. All the equipment in the facility - brand new, delivered directly to the Italian factory ... "

Interestingly, Thuabout the history of almost any known dental clinic started with a little room, which was the only dental chair, it was not expensive repairs, but people even came to them, despite the modest interior. After all, before the opening of the private audience with the most private dentists have been regular patients. People catorye satisfied with the quality of service, advise dental office to their friends. And patients satisfied with the treatment - this is the best recognition for the doctor.

The modern dental clinic (for example, in Ryazan - is "Alfa-dental":) has a CT scanner, which is a few minutes makes chelyustno- facial imaging. Herdo instead of traditional X-rays to obtain a panoramic image of the teeth. Imaging, unlike X-ray diagnostic methods, allows for a more detailed survey of the maxillary sinus, and the teeth of the lower and upper jaws. This method makes it possible to precisely plan surgical and therapeutic treatment of the patient. Also with pomoschyu scanner can estimate the location of the blood vessels, teeth roots, nerve trunks, the nasal cavity and maxillary sinuses.

Another advantage of imaging - the patient does not need to wait for display pictures because the unit immediately transmits a 3D-image on the computer screen. Compared with conventional X-rays (which allows you to see the tooth onlyin one projection), while imaging clearly see the doctor the number and location of channels and others.

At present, the best dentists qualification of doctors is high enough, and modern technology and materials make it possible to do wonders.

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