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How to care for skin?

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With the arrival of cold weather, many external factors begin to affectIt is the overall appearance and condition of our face: it is the cold, wind, rain, vitamin deficiency of the organism, the effects of the summer sun, depression and moodiness, all of which are reflected both in foreign and domestic human condition. As a consequence, all require special attention in the skin in general, and of facial skin in particular. So we offer your AtteNIJ a few basic tips that will hopefully help you to keep your skin in good shape, despite the seasonality and the changing seasons.

Tip 1

Can I use a moisturizer before going cold?

frequent companion autumn period is acne, Kotors under the influence of a number of factors and inappropriate suddenly appear on his face, provoking and so gray and gloomy mood of the weather even more severe apathy.

Never before going out in the cold time of year to use lotion cream to moisturize skin as moisture, being in the cold, changes physical condition, which results in micro-cracked skin and consequently the formation of wrinkles. By the way, to buy lotions and creams you can.

Tip 2

different mask (from fruits and vegetables) have to face a miraculous effect, besides have fortified svoysTvam that positively affect the skin during the cold air. In the fall, when it's time to harvest apples, they can be widely used as a cosmetic. To do this, make a mask of egg white and grated apple. This method is best suited for oily skin types. If the skin is dry on the contraryThe first - to mix the olive oil, sour cream and grated apple and apply the resulting slurry to the skin. Universal, for all skin types, is the combination of these components: low-fat cheese and apple puree, which positively influence the condition of your skin. To complete the effect, you need to relax, turn on soft music, lay down and stay in bed and shecom condition about 20-30 minutes. Thereafter, the face with warm water rinse. After several procedures, the result will not wait long - the person will be fresh, moist and full of vitamins.

Tip 3

Carefully take care of your lips. The skin on them is much thinner than in otherparts of the face, so they are sensitive to cold autumn. Cracks in the lips can occur even after the first autumn walks. During this period, refuse resistant lipsticks and lip glosses, since they are essentially dry skin. Not bad softens lips mask of butter and apple sauce. In the cold and the wind is not lick your lips, sothey are more crack. In order to constantly moisturize lips, you need to drink about 1.5 liters of water per day.

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