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Health Products (bandages, corsets and others.)

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Health Products is a group of medical and Frmatsevticheskih goods, which are used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in order to carry out maintenance patients.

Features kleenok

Oil cloths medical release unilateral and bilateral. Oilcloth compress bandages designed for sealing and separating the wet part of the bandage and cotton wool. It is elastic, etc.ozrachnoe yellow web is made of thin fabric impregnated with a resinous mass, preferably linseed oil rosin, or vinyl chloride. Plain oilcloth - a dense fabric coated rubber mass and a minimum width of 70 cm. Apply it to prevent contamination of bed linen secretions of patients. It is well washed and obrabatyvaetsya disinfectant.

What are the bandages?

Bandages - it is some tool by which to prevent loss of the abdominal cavity through the hernial ring, strengthens abdominal muscles and maintain the internal organs, which are omitted in the normal position. By the way, you have to buy bandages Maugerthose on the website:. Industry produces tires are:

  • Hernial for adults;
  • Unilateral;
  • for bilateral inguinal hernia;
  • And the umbilical bandages.

One-sided hernia belt - suedeHICLES belt which has at one end a pear pad (pelota) with a metal plate, and the other - with strap holes in your belt. In the middle of the belt is inserted a steel plate length ≥ 3/4 the circumference of the patient's pelvis. The bandage, designed to skew hernia pad has the shape of a scythe. Reversible belt (hernia) istsya connection of two trusses, which are fastened with a buckle. The bandage of this type of wear prone, as in this position reduces intra-abdominal pressure and a hernia can easily handle. After reposition of the hernia patient imposes on the hernial opening pad and buttons bandage. Umbilical bandage - belt for small children, whoas a result of stress during crying or otherwise formed an umbilical hernia. Belt width of 7-8 cm in the middle has thickened in the form of a convex ring, which is slightly squeezes umbilical hernia, and laced waist band around the stomach protects from increased hernia. Bandages made from rubber, suede and other materials.

CoGDS should be used corsets?

Corsets used in myositis, lumbalgia, sciatica, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, in violation of posture and spine deformities. Produce on the lumbar corsets and sterno-lumbar spine. &Nbsp; To eliminate slip and knock while walking on the bottom rod wear rubbervye tips.

Other important objects of care

In order to create additional support when moving the sticks used disabilities who are of different lengths. For instillation PL used pipette eye - glass tube with holes, drawn from one end to the wide end of which - the rubber cap. To apply compressinging dressing for the prevention and treatment of venous disease, chronic thrombophlebitis, traumatic edema, post-traumatic complications, to improve blood circulation is used bandages, rubber and elastic stockings. Bath sponges are made of two types: « bathrobe belt » and « Mitten & raquo ;. They are made of cotton and silkfabrics, yarns of different types of polymer materials.

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