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How to stay healthy school?

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We all know that today's children today, etc.ihoditsya withstand severe stress at school. Indeed, throughout the day the student passes the tutorial given homework on that, often, simply not enough any   Forces any time. But what, in fact refuse to do homework can not be, because it will result in a bad score? Today we know the parents of the schoolikov help their children not only to overcome the school load, but also to maintain their health.

My children are grown up, but I remember very well how after the summer holidays it was difficult to get into the rhythm of school. In the eyes ruddy boy becomes chronically tired, sleepy and irritable.

- Each parentshe knows her child and seeks to ensure that his childhood has not turned into a short chain « home-school-home & raquo ;, - said E Elena Ivanovna Willow - editor of the portal "

First of all, Helen advises not to forget about adherence, even during recess days. It is necessary to learn to teachers, sleeps Land your child in the classroom. You may need to go to bed early it.

Alternate activities, because if a student « sat down » of lessons, the brain does not get enough oxygen because blood stagnates through inactivity and poorly circulated. Therefore accustom ReubenSC to take breaks to stretch their legs, take a walk or to visit the sports section or develop a circle. Ensure that the student regularly perform complex tasks and lungs, for example, solve math problems and studied poems by heart.

Provide a comfortable environment for homework. Drinking water helps fightfatigue. Turning off the TV and the computer does not spoil your posture and eyes and do not steal time that you can spend more actively. The complex of vitamins and minerals, hardening and proper nutrition are also a great help to the health of the student.

This simple and seemingly everyone knowss tips to help your child strengthen school children and preserve their health.

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