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A resident of Uzhgorod she lost 35 kilos and continues to "thaw

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Recorded in a fitness club, a resident of Uzhgorod Tatiana Weasel started to grow thin in the eyes. For a month, on average, it « reset » 5-6 kg weight loss. Girls instructors joke: « we do not have time for her. Just write it the new results, and it continues to « melt & raquo ;. On Monday, he weighed 72, and on Wednesday - already 70 & raquo ;. AIt all began six months ago - sugar, pressure and friendship.

- Tatiana, where did your "marathon slimming"?

- Keep fit with a friend advised us to our local doctor in Chop - says Tatiana past Lusk.

- This was the last year in February. "We start from March," - we decided then. Then postponed until April, and in May had exams ... (Tatiana and her best friend Cornelius Prytula - Chop teachers at the School of Music). And in June, my Nelia and said: "Tanya, can you be proud of me. I signed up for the club" Fit Korvz. "But you should know -I have recorded and you. To call you. "I remember when she promised to try, but rather because it was at that time with colleagues and it was awkward excuses. Actually not very serious about this adventure.

- And yet you are in a club ...

-When I got a call from the club, I was in a terrible mood. After the morning has measured the blood sugar level and found too high figures. Pressure is also off scale - 195/120 I is hereditary. From these problems my mother died. And his mother's father, too. The next day, her husband offered to go to Turkey. And when we are happy, returning fromtravel agent, paying for the tickets, I get a call from the club, "Tanya, you come? & raquo ;. And then it dawned on me that it is necessary to completely change yourself and your way of life. And the fitness club so far.

- What was then your weight?
- 105 kg.

- husband on this subject did not show any claims?
- No. Of course, he was not happy with the fact that I have recovered. Out I'm married with a weight of 52 kg. After pregnancy typed, then - again losing weight.

- the All-Ukrainian Network of your clubs are held by women, which SELRaleigh better last year ... you "metite" in its place this year?
- Moreover, the dynamics of their weight loss, I have even surpassed it: for 5 months I lost 32 kg, and she - 34 kg for more than a year.

- The husband apparently really like?
- Yes, it helps me. Although it is not believed that Iso losing weight.

- Support for family helped to achieve such results?
- It's funny to remember, but first he, like every pragmatic person who seeks to provide for the family (as we are a family teachers), I was a special delight from the fact that I spent money on "some sort of physical education". But at that moment I changed so much that is clearly aware of: without this I can not. And he accepted it. As a result - we are still saving and then spending would be on medication. I know the money once they were: drugs to maintain blood sugar, pressure, nasal drops - now all this I do not need. And on nutrition as I saved! And so onB already saving both - go on foot.

- And the bonus of a magnificent figure! How much do you have a husband together?
- '22.

- And 22 years later he had a young wife ...
- I'm back! My relatives know my heredity, thvoryat that, apparently, I'm so scared I had to star in one day agreed and everything was in its place - and the trip, and the analysis of sugar, and the call from the club.

- What if you started to do fitness and result in 3 months would not have been left to this matter?
- I was ready to ethat. Even like that the result was not fast, because I've lost weight quickly. This time I wanted to weight loss was slow, but for a long time, forever.

- Since the autumn on how much you lost weight?
- Until September 1 - 15 kg.

- You cameto work ...
-... And everyone gasped, "Tatyana Borisovna, what happened?" It is clear that something is good, because his eyes glow. One colleague even asked me if I do not suddenly plastic surgery. It is impossible so to lose weight, and to avoid sagging skin after the weight of my past in my 45 years.

- Adisciples?
- They are afraid to ask. But sometimes can not stand, "You are something go, Tatyana Borisovna? ??& Raquo ;. says," In the fitness. "First, hide, shy, and then persuaded her husband that it should be proud of.
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- You are absolutely changed . Even the hair was the other.
- In mEnja changed everything. I became healthy, and even eliminated the need for nose drops, I dug the nose for years. Now sugar - 4.8. This is below the norm at 5.5, pressure - 116 / 80. Without any medication. There are times when people do not recognize me. It's so nice!

- What clothes?
- Trizhdy already sewed pants, because they just fall off me. Do not hold. Earlier instructors watched as the embodiment of the ideal. And now she would like to be. I saw that the woman in the advertisement lose weight, but do not believe it. Well, I do not believe you can stick a patch or drink tea and be a toned figure without physical exertion. I know that est this drug is
. The friend tried, but in addition also involved in sports and the result did not wait!

- What is it - your day?
- When I wake up - just do exercises. Then I run - not in kilometers, but only to cheer up. Then, jumping on a skipping rope 120 times.All it takes is 30 minutes. Then I wash and go to fitness. This is 30 minutes of training. Here, I get a charge for the whole day! Cheer up - there music, smiles, and all you are so fond of, that they are working for you there. And this is very important - to feel that your problems are also important for someone.

- But it is difficult to sustain. In the morning to work physically in the gym, and then - on the job ...
- Nothing of the sort! I have a lot of strength and energy. When I lost weight last times (and lost weight all my life), then just do not eat. Result - circles under the eyes, does not have any powers. It feels like I have some sort of inflammation. I have a girlfriend - athlete. She iscome quickly, and I trailed behind him. Now we walk on an equal footing. Girls today are asking me not to go so fast.

- What have you learned, for the first time enrolling in fitness?
- When I signed up to the club, I was told that there should be for 2:00 training and 2:00 also have a workout. If told to drink a certain amount of water a day, I drank so much. If told that I should limit carbohydrates in the diet - I have them restricted. That is all that I say, performed in good faith. That's all. Now I find that I eat right. It is not starving (except that once a month I arrange a fasting day. Especially ifWhat accounts for the trip, or, for instance, when she worked at the polling station). And it three times a day. Normally, high-grade.

- What is your favorite dish is now?
- Tomatoes and overnight grapefruit. After all, I read in the club, that if you can not resist the nightvisits to the kitchen - it is necessary to drink kefir or eat citrus fruits. It has a ritual for me. As a person sits down to watch football with a bottle of beer, so I end my day grapefruit. And so happy at this moment! It is afraid of losing this status ... but no, I am not afraid. You can not be afraid of anything. I will say otherwise - to keep this dream state. Forever!

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