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Automation pharmacy activities with software

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It has long past the time when the PC tol gimmick and replaced the typewriter. But not all appreciate the opportunities that today providing information technology. In this article we will try to rasskryt topic.

We all know that the pharmacy is not only health care organization, which sells drugs to people as well as commercial,torgovovym now with the need to maintain contact with many suppliers rather complex reporting structure, the duty to monitor various aspects of medicine. Supplier selection, detection of defects, the formation of the order, the serial management accounting, posting and pre-delivery of goods, inventory management, otpusdrugs to consumers, movement of drugs within the first pharmacy network — All these actions are highly complex business processes. In addition, these processes occur almost simultaneously and very closely linked. Software which enables automation of these processes, provides a number of benefits to pharmacies.

But there is a logical question: what program lechshe suitable for implementation of the project of automation of the pharmacy? But before buying such software, or the head of the pharmacy network pharmacies must answer the three questions:

  • Which business processes should be automated?
  • a budget of automation?
  • what functionality the software you are interested in the 1st place?

The clearer you answer these questions, the more chance of success, because, as everyone knows: « In order to choose the path on which will go first of all need to know where you you need to get there & raquo ;.

When choosing such software, you cango 2 ways:

  • order individual development;
  • buy ready-made program.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Buying a ready-made program, you immediately get a workable solution. But it may happen that in their functionstional capabilities of this program will not be fully fit your requirements. Ordering the individual program, you get the software, which is fully satisfied. But there is one drawback: the development and debugging of such a program may take 6 – 12 months. Also, keep in mind the need for regular revisions, and this in saoyu ochered, dependence on the Executive, and the additional costs. Therefore, the finished software is often cheaper programs executed individually.

Also keep in mind that in addition to the functional characteristics of the program, a rather important point is its maintenance and support. Support — is the presence of the company supplying this itemPrograms added employees who come into your pharmacy « on the 1 st call of » and decide questions of an operational nature. Support — This software « Health » program for many years, for example, changes in the program due to changes in legislation and others.

Many of the chiefs who Ranhabove are not faced with automation companies often underestimate these factors. Experience has shown that the company can not be automated efficiently and stably operate without proper maintenance of the software.

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