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Security vaccinations why after vaccination sick children

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According to the rules, to receive a little patient is allocated 10 minutes, so3 hours to see a doctor must examine the 18 children. In fact, they come in several times:

- from 30 to 50 for 3 hours reception - recalls his routine outpatient Ms Guli, which now has a private medical practice.

- Doctors in clinics is not enough work for half rate. Yet patients do not have the habit of going to the doctor only. Very high overload polyclinic doctors, so even theoretically fully pridela attention to all very difficult. Even the 20 children up to one year to take at one time - that's a lot.

Three hours reception - and more than thirty children. That is less than 5 minutes, the doctor should have time toWatch the child, to measure the temperature, to collect medical history, ask my mother about family background, talk about vaccination (for details see here:), to sign a consent, and still have to undress, to dress the baby, and once again to examine those who have already been immunized. With what kind of speed it should happen?

In the Rivne city Department of Healthattempted to facilitate the work of pediatricians at least in part about the benefits and drawbacks of vaccination - developed and duplicated leaflets, says head of Mikhail Stichishin. However, when we went to the children's clinic on the street Makarova, no leaflets were not seen as in the clinic on the street GroSheva.

Of course, there is the Internet, where you can find information about everything. But not every family has access to the benefits of civilization. Therefore, parents do not have sufficient information about the vaccination, they often did not even know what it is doing to their child vaccinated. And maybe they do not want to know.

- Medicinskoy new information for parents constantly have a huge amount. However, the pediatrician within the responsibilities that he now is, does not really have the ability to bring this information to the attention of parents, - says Eugene Komorowski.

- Yes, and no one had actually it is not required. ByStanding in the vaccination topic debated topic that physician before vaccination should look to do a bunch of tests, to tell about all the side effects of the vaccine must-must-must-must ... Mom? My mother, who came to the vaccination, at least something should ask? The Pope, who drove the car on auto repair, just askedits capabilities. And when the Pope said that the car should change the tires, he knows what happens tires which firms and Kokaya better. And when the mother has to choose which vaccine to vaccinate against hepatitis B and pertussis ... She has a choice! But she should know the pros and cons of each vaccine. And she believes that it should not. She should. All! If ws parents are interested, but the doctors deny them this information, then the actions of the medical staff can be appealed in court.

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