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Temporary incapacity student

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Regulations on the procedure for issuing documents certifying temporary disability of the student:

  • Examination of temporary disability for diseases of the student has the right to an employee of the state (municipal) hospital, providing medical assistance;
  • nurses, including medical assistant item allowed issuance of certificates for only one dShade;
  • Outpatient clinics should issue a certificate on the registration form 095 / at the signature of the doctor to 10 days, and if necessary further treatment, medical commission to recovery of the patient. Maximum stay in the certificate of temporary disability - 4 months;
  • certificates issued outside the residence of the student must be certified by the chief doctor, or his deputy and the seal of a medical institution;
  • In the hospitalization certificate is issued at the time of the student's stay in the hospital, followed by the extension for a period of no more than 3 days.

When the disease with a temporary disability student is required during the first 3 days to notify the administration of the faculty about the disease and after treatment to give the student a certified clinic.

The system of registration certificates issued by other health care institutionsE introduced to monitor the health of students and the timely capture of patients on a clinical account, the therapeutic and recreational activities in the city student polyclinic.

Up Help in student polyclinic need within 1 week after recovery, in some cases for 10 days.


1. Individual schedule delivery of the session is available at the request of the student, to which is attached a certified student clinic information. The number of days for which the individual is given a schedule shall not exceed a period of illness.

2. Re-training can be PredosaTavlya if the student was ill during the semester or during the Examination-scoring session for more than 1 month and had time registered student clinic certificate of illness.

3. In exceptional cases, when the student is still ill and is unable to work outside the city, established medical opinion issuedtion in place to continue the treatment.

4. All disputes regarding the granting of individual graphics, re-training courses and sabbatical considered by the management of the institution, together with the student health center.

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