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Psychologists - Doctors of souls

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We are used to solve their problems on their own, bolyami and concerns to share with friends or parents. But there are people, calling them to listen and help, to understand and to push to the correct step. Who are these people? This will tell us.

- Mary, I often hear from friends that they are afraid of psychologists, they say, they are able to « read » people and manipulate. Is it so? Needless to Occult and Esogov afraid of?

- Psychology really opens people to our profession access to information on the behavior of individual peculiarities of mentality, thinking patterns of the type of people, the ability to predict their reaction. However, this information can be used in various ways. The task of the psychologist - it is not manipulation. The essence of the psychological work isTo help a person:

  • to reach their potential;
  • to understand the pros and cons of their own nature;
  • understand the problem;
  • constructively to get out of a difficult situation.

That is « Code of Ethics Psychologist » does not allow to use his knowledge to harm humans. We - « doctors of souls & raquo ;! Therefore, it is not necessary to be afraid of psychologists.

- It is known that in Europe, in the US campaign to a psychologist - a common occurrence. Do not go well with her husband - a psychologist, tormented deperesiya - there too. In Moscow, the Dumayu, the situation is more complicated. Whether our people are accustomed to consult with a psychologist or still rely on each other, mother or their own strength?

- Now people have more confidence in the profession of psychologist and understand the undeniable benefits of its referral to a specialist. Of course, to talk to a friend, mother or other loved one - this is a good way to remove the itemRess. Often, however, frustrated people can pass their one-sided problem and get the same highly subjective advice. A more constructive treatment may be the person who will see the situation holistically and take a more optimal solution. But in this case, is the courage to be as frankm primarily with itself to « uncover » to the source of the problem, to find the right direction of development.

- What problems should turn to a psychologist?

- Psychologists often work on a problem or a situation that a person can not get out on their own or features of nature that manI would like a change. It is also in the process of work, periodically raises a question of physical health is often related to the psychological state of the client. This is the case when working on their emotions, the client is freed from physical and stress-related illnesses. Sometimes the person himself can not articulate what he would like to work.He's just not happy with yourself and your quality of life. Then the psychologist helps correct accents and understand what happens to a person from any behaviors he should give up and, conversely, any new psychological skills should be established in order to feel more harmonious.

- In the fall of all say seasonalitydepression minutes. How is it detected? What are its symptoms? Should I have to go to a psychologist? Or is it possible to cope with depression alone?

- Sometimes really depressed begins at a certain time of the year. Those who regularly suffer from the negative sentiment in the fall and winter, know what seasonal depression. Symptoms of depressii may be different:

  • increased appetite, in particular - excessive « passion » food containing a lot of carbohydrates;
  • an increased need for sleep and rest;
  • irritability;
  • feelingheaviness in the arms and legs.

It is believed that seasonal depression can cause a limited amount of sunlight. There are some universal guidelines that can help you get out of your own seasonal depression. It:

  • socializing with friends;
  • walking outdoors;
  • sport;
  • foods rich in vitamins;
  • positive impressions (interesting film, travel, pleasant shopping, a new hairstyle, a record for a massage, and so on. d.)

Ifthe person understands that he can not cope with his bad mood and this condition is characterized by a significant loss of interest in life, and worried man for two weeks or more, then you should seek help from a psychologist.

- People talking to a psychologist, transferred their problems to his professional shoulders. Shookuy, it is very difficult - all to hear, feel the problem to find a solution?

- often to the profession of psychologist are people who feel the calling to help others. Therefore, if you do your thing, you're interested in the process and you see the results, you feel that all the efforts are not in vain, and the work is meaningful - it is sufficientS THE fun and energizing for new achievements!

- Code of Ethics Psychologist « raquo ;, says that & people of this profession is not entitled to anything specifically and directly advise the patient. How then can a psychologist help?

- Psychologist really « evades » direct advice. First of all, this is doneto educate the customer the ability to make their own decisions when it will once again be in a difficult situation. The task of a psychologist - to help people see the problem from different angles, weigh the pros and cons of their decision and choose the strategy of behavior, which is as close as possible to the customer's desired goal.

- Does youprofession in ordinary life, in relationships with friends, colleagues, men?

- Of course, the more you know, you can, the better. But psychologists are just people with their flaws, complexes and fears, and also do not make mistakes in their lives. Just psychologists, perhaps more able to turn the error to « an important experience » and see the essence of the problems, to develop further. But, of course, like every human being, psychologists need support and understanding of family, friends, and sometimes psychological help their colleagues. To be able to admit that you need help and do not be afraid to get it - it is a manifestation of the strength of character and a willingness to change something in your life for the bettery!

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