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Symptoms and treatment of herpes

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According to the website: herpes - an infectious disease proIt is in the form of rashes in places mucosa. The people called herpes « cold lips » or « fever & raquo ;. Herpes - is the most common dermatological diseases in the world. Herpes simplex virus also affects the nervous system and internal organs.

There are also such ways of infectionHerpes:


  • direct contact with patients (through life, kissing, sexual contact, touch);
  • With the help of infected items (spoons, plates,towels and others.);
  • via droplets (coughing, sometimes in conversation).

Herpes simplex rash manifests itself in the mucous membranes and skin. Periodically, the virus is activated and beginsm proliferate while rashes may occur at the point where they appeared much earlier. Aggravating factors are excessive exposure to the sun, fever, physical or emotional stress, weakening the immune system, as well as some medications.

Symptoms and treatment of herpes

Main symptoms of herpes simplex - a tingling discomfort or itching. These symptoms begin to disturb the patient for a few hours before the appearance of vesicles. Bubbles can be localized anywhere on the skin or mucous membranes, but usually they occur in the oral cavity, the lips, the genitals. The healing processIt lasts about 21 days. If one is affected the same area more than once, there is a possibility of formation of scar. If you have symptoms characteristic of herpes - that will help you dermatologist. The characteristic skin rash and localization help establish the diagnosis.

The main methods of diagnosis of herpes simplex are:

  • enzyme immunoassay (EIA) - the determination of antibodies to herpes simplex virus;
  • The polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Treatment of herpes simplex is immunorehabilitation patients that helps shake relapses or achieve debtsecond remission. Forget about herpes forever!

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