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Why should I see a doctor if you have a headache

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Anyone who has ever had a headache, I agree - Feelingof not pleasant. When the pain felt in a few days (or weeks), the man is forced to see a doctor. Who knows about fifty causes of headache, more details about them you can read.

Why do we have a headache?

According to doctors, in a room where there is little freshAir is also inevitably a headache. Recent scientific studies show that adding our minds are capable of hassle and food and drinks containing certain substances. Among the "culprits" - mustard, ketchup, smoked meat and fish, citrus fruits, beans, chocolate, cream, ice cream, drinks and chips.

The mechanisms of fussiknovenie headaches

According to the neurologist Alexander, there are various mechanisms of headache. Approximately 70% of people found headache muscle tension when there is discomfort in the temples and if something compresses the head. There is the pain due to muscle tension gTin, for example, long-term work with a computer, or when a person gets into a stressful situation, and there is an allocation of adrenaline. To ease such pain, we can massage the temples and neck massage the neck muscles.

Another type of headache - vascular. Sensation in the head something tinglinga. Occurs when a spasm of blood vessels, as well as the pressure increases. For migraine is characterized by the fact that headache may be repeated at different intervals: usually once or twice a month. The cause of the disease may be unpleasant memories, emotional stress and irritation, but mostly migraine is inherited. Also, eatings venous vascular headaches, which are located in the occipital region. One of their causes - the low position of the head during sleep, resulting in a person wakes up in the morning with swelling under the eyes and feeling of heaviness in the head. The next type of headache caused by increased intracranial pressure. There is a feeling, budto bursting inside the skull and puts pressure on the eye. Sometimes psychogenic headache, which often occurs in the frontal region of the head, especially in people neurotic warehouse.

Other causes of headache

The head can also be ill with different diseases:

  • Frontite;
  • Sinusitis;
  • a sick stomach;

Even when a toothache. In order to cure this pain, you should know the cause of its occurrence. There is pain on the weather, from overwork, lack of sleep, in which you just abouttdyha.
In these troubling symptoms to delay the visit to the doctor is not necessary!

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