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Beautiful legs without varicose

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civilization diseases is often called expansionen legs. In modern life we ??spend a lot of time almost without any movement (by the way, on the site you can read whether it is possible to run at varize) and walk in high heels, we eat useless food and many other things. Therefore, the body is on strike. According to statistics, women in the world suffer from this disease is almost 3 times more often than men.But the worst thing that varicose veins are quite formidable disease. &Nbsp;

How dangerous varicose veins?

Varicose dangerous complications. It sores, bleeding directly from varices, acute thrombophlebitis, dermatitis, eczema. One of the most dangerous is pulmonary thromboembolismarteries.

The rules of etiquette antivarikoznye

  1. Teach yourself from the fact that during the day standing working constantly alternated with sedentary pauses. Put a pillow under your feet is. If your workplace you a lot of sitting or standing, then climb the stairs a couple of floors, because the floorrelieve tension on the motion directly from the veins;
  2. At least 2-3 times a day to take a very complex privichku perform simple exercises - shook a finger at the heel, and vice versa. Or just go up on his toes. If no one near there, sitting on a chair, you can pull your feet, twist or napisats of your name in the air;
  3. Drink plain water, preferably 1.5-2 liters per day;
  4. Prefer soft shoes, with heels if, neither the above 5-6 cm;
  5. Try to sunbathe a lot less than you did ranshe;
  6. Do not wear clothing that may restrict movement in the hips and shoulders;
  7. also useful lessons in sports such as swimming, riding a bike, and it is just a walk for a long time in the open air;
  8. Do not use the sauna, steam bath, avoid hottheir wrappings and baths;
  9. Take a contrast shower, wipe their feet the water is room temperature, and the more often the better;
  10. When they came home from work, then pour into a bowl of cold water to the ankles, and make up to 300 steps. It's really nice and helpful.

If you follow all the instructions, then your legs will always be in perfect condition!

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