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What is enuresis?

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Enuresis - a urinary incontinence after the child reaches the age that gives the ability to control the functioning ofbladder. This disorder occurs in approximately the same frequency in all regions of the world. It can also happen, but today we talk about children. The presence of symptoms of the urinary tract is important information and is set for further treatment.

Children with urinary incontinence during sleep when onpresence of daytime urinary symptoms associated with bladder disorders, classified as having monosemeiotic enuresis. These children filling and emptying of the bladder are not violated, that is, they go to the toilet 5-7 times a day, without delay urination, do not take action to his detention, no opyta unbearable sudden urge to urinate and do not experience difficulties with any emptying of the bladder during urination. In the treatment of such cases of enuresis enough to focus on episodes of incontinence during sleep, without further diagnostic procedures.

Why functionally impaired voiding?

Functional disorders of urination disorder is emptying phase: the emptying of the bladder sphincter to relax instead of tenses. About this disorder also show voltage / discontinuity of the urine stream and incomplete bladder emptying.

What is nekontroliruemoe urine while laughing?

The uncontrolled urination during laughter is characterized by incontinence in laughter, a large volume of urine output and, in some cases, a complete emptying of the bladder. Hypoactive detrusor muscle function is accompanied by detrusor decompensation. When atth interruption disorder marked feces urine during urination and emptying of the bladder is possible only if muscle tension.

The main symptoms monosemeiotic bedwetting is sleep and heavy awakening, as well as increase the volume of urine at night (polyuria). A typical example is a child disorders that are difficultto wake up and she wets the bed a few hours after falling asleep, completely empty the bladder. During the day, problems with urination child does not show.

In children with secondary enuresis more often associated behavioral and emotional disorders. Recurrence of urinary incontinence can be triggeredstress, such as divorce of parents.

For children with urinary incontinence are characteristic:


  • The symptoms of sudden trains to urinate, sometimes with sudden, overwhelming desire;
  • Incontinence with a small amount of urine, with gainit displays with fatigue, for example, in the afternoon;
  • Perform actions to delay urination, such as compression of the pelvic floor muscles and thighs, containment belly, jumping from one foot to another, sitting on his heels, or squatting on the fifth, pressed to the perineum;
  • The presence of vulvovaginal, perigenitalnogo dermatitis;
  • The presence of a urinary tract infection.

For children with signs of delayed urination characterized by:


  • The low frequency of urination (less than 5 times a day);
  • Delayed urination in certain situations (school, play, reading, watching TV);
  • The increase in the length of delay and completeness of the bladder, the presence of actions to delay urination (as incontinence), is uncontrolled mocheistransmittance can not be avoided;
  • Repeated periods of muscle tension at the beginning and during urination;
  • urine flow fractionation;
  • The incomplete emptying of the bladder with residual urine.

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