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What should be absolutely healthy person

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They say completely healthy people really does not happen: we kazhdogo any deviations. So, in all, it used to have a headache or a tooth, all of us from time to time "pick up" a cold ... Everyone gets sick at times. But who does not want to feel good and do not have health problems? Although each person is different, there is a universal list of characteristics that define his health or nezdorovya. Each of us is so perfect performance can « try » own. What do we navigate? On some of these parameters, we will tell.

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donate blood because of a finger on the analysis - not such a hard test. CasesIt is recommended annually - at least in order to be sure that your body everything is normal. Complete blood count shows the number of all the necessary components of the blood.

What are they for an adult?

  • The rate of hemoglobin - 110-160 g per 1 liter"> Pay attention to what a platelet count : the norm - 180-320h109 in 1 liter of blood;
  • The level of red blood cells : the norm - at 3,4-5,0h1012 1 l of blood. If they are less - is a sign of just iron deficiency anemia (more detail on theits symptoms and treatment read here:), if more, then maybe you have a blood disease;
  • The rate of white blood cells - 4-8,8x109 1 liter of blood . If this rate is increased, it indicates a certain inflammatory processes in the body. In more severe diseases(appendicitis, pneumonia, etc.), the level of white blood cells increased to 13-17 thousand;
  • The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (an indicator of much more familiar abbreviation ESR) in the norm - 2-15 mm h . If this indicator is higher than normal, this indicatesan exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • The level of cholesterol in the blood usually varies depending on your age from 3-5,15 6, 48 mmol per 1 liter . Increasing the amount of cholesterol can be observed in atherosclerosis;
  • The sugar content in the blood - is an important indicator of direct human health . Large blood sugar caused by insufficient insulin action - the hormone that may develop pancreatic cells and enables that usvoeINDICATES sugar by cells of the human body. Good content in our blood sugar - not more than 5.5 mmol per liter (fasting) and not more than 7.7 mmol per liter of blood after a meal.

It is necessary to annually pass a urine test. Normally, its performance following:

  • The amount of urine per day should compulation 600-2 000 ml;
  • The share - 1 010-1 025 g;
  • color - pale yellow;
  • The protein, glucose, acetone, bile pigments and bile acids - no.

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