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Osteochondrosis - is not "salt deposits"

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To doctors often drawn a lot of patients who suffer from back pain.« salts Shelving & raquo ;, - so patients explain the cause of his illness. From all this, the doctors concluded how little people know about the structure of the body, its functioning, as well as the factors that trigger pain. In other words, you need a reasonable relationship to their own health and self-education. And then the campt it possible not only to prevent disease, but also affect its course and consequences. The conversation will be about osteochondrosis, and tell us about this Semenov PA - Editor portal on diseases of the back:.

The osteochondrosis

The name of the disease comes from the Greek osteon - bone, chondros -First back pain.

Osteochondrosis - a disease not of age, and of the human species. Why?

  • First, it is not found in animals. This disease, we « pay » for what go « on foot & raquo ;;
  • Second, dystrophic-moneyenerativnye changes in the intervertebral discs exhibit even two months children.

The authors of the various theories of development of osteochondrosis agree that for the occurrence of the disease need two things:

  • eating disorders (degeneration) of the intervertebral disc;
  • its local microtrauma (degeneration).

To drive had a normal diet, our spine should get enough exercise, and not excessive, in which there are micro and makrotravmy spine. According to statistics, in individuals whose work is associated with Normannoy burden, this disease occurs less frequently than those who work in a static position or engaged in heavy physical labor. Therefore, men almost twice as likely to suffer from osteochondrosis. A prerequisite is the presence of trigger factors that are, unfortunately, in today's world lacks, namely:

  • Stresawith;
  • hypothermia and related diseases;
  • overweight;
  • but it does not recall the physical inactivity, especially if it is alternated with irregular sports or manual labor with significant loads.

The effectiveness of the treatment of degenerative disc disease depends on two factors:

  • self patient;
  • prompt referral to a specialist.

In the arsenal of doctors there are tens of hundreds of methods and means of treatment of this disease, includingI have the traditional and alternative medicine. But it is necessary to treat the patient, not the disease. So what becomes of salvation for one patient may worsen the condition of the other. Do not flatter yourself for testing a variety of new or old « hundred percent » effective means until you consult with a specialist.   If a person usesXia its muscles not only to move home from work, and actively, the probability of clinical manifestations of osteochondrosis had reduced considerably.

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