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Treatment of hernia in infants: a surgeon or a quack?

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Umbilical hernia is one of the most popular surgical diseases in pediatric patients and diagnose almost every child of 5, and among the preterm infants - each 3. At the birth of a child in a place of passage of the umbilical cord remains a defect that over time independently gradually disappears: the vessels of the umbilical cord are usually closed and the portion of the umbilical ring is tightened and covered with scar tissue. However, you should know that this place is one of the weakest on the anterior abdominal wall the baby. When crying, the wailing, the swelling tummy, the infant increases pressure in the abdomen, which causes a defect in the anterior abdominal wall, which subsequently often leads to the formation of umbilical hernia.

What is umbilical hernia?

Umbilical hernia - that in itself is a protrusion of a rounded or oval shape directly in the navel, which, when the child is calm, almost disappears, and when the voltage of the baby increases in size from a pea to a large plum. Feels like a balloon and when you click easy "hiding "inside with a distinctive sound resembling a gurgle, the skin over it usually remains unchanged.

Or each protrusion on the front wall of the abdomen is a hernia?

Sometimes the navel of the newborn above the surface of the stomach, such protrusion should not be confused with an umbilical hernia, the so-called “weakened” umbilical ring, which is necessary to watch, because it is a possible site of herniation.

If you suspect an umbilical hernia at the child, rather than consult a pediatric surgeon. The doctor will confirm or dispel your suspicions, pick the right treatment to observe for umbilical hernia and then will determine if the child the operation.

is it Possible to overcome an umbilical hernia non-surgical method? If you operate, then at what age it is better to do?

If you find your child has an umbilical hernia, don't go to the "grandmother" or healers, but first show it to the children's surgeon. Effective method when you are diagnosed umbilical hernia is surgical. The surgery is often used , which serves as a protection against the recurrence of the disease.

If any complications after surgery?

as for complications after surgery, depending on the gender of children, no, the fact of a possible complications, such as infringement of hernial contents (intestine, omentum), in which due to the pressure in the hernial ring is usually happens for the perfusion of bodies trapped in the hernial SAC, with their probable necrosis (death) that leads to irreversible consequences.

it Should be remembered that the presence of a treated umbilical hernias in girls may in the future complicate the course of pregnancy, due to the increase in hernia size and correspondingly high risk of injury, which may require urgent surgical intervention.

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