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Custom kitchens: what are they and how to choose?

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the Heart of any home - the kitchen. This is where the woman spends most of her time, that's where the family gathers in full force every day. Therefore, it is important to create a zone of maximum comfort. But the greatest influence on the comfort of the furniture have. Today there is an opportunity to buy a kitchen set or order a custom design. Today, manufacturers offer to complement the furniture appliances. This will make the selection convenient and fast.


Types of kitchen furniture

by Purchasing kitchen furniture, you need to know, by what criteria to choose. Primarily there are three categories of furniture:

  • ready - consists of standard sections;
  • modular - it is possible to choose different combinations of ready-made elements
  • on order is made ​​with regard to the requirements of the buyer.

in addition, depending on the location distinguish the following types of cuisine:

  • row - working wall is concentrated on the one hand, and the rest of the room is reserved for dining-room;
  • double row - basic furniture is located at one wall and work surface is at an angle to her. Depending on the location of these dishes are of G-and U-shaped
  • an island or peninsular. This option is suitable for large rooms. In this case, the working area is located in the center of the room.

the Variety of furniture is quite large, so before ordering, you should carefully consider the project.


How to order the kitchen?

Before contacting a furniture company, you must define a budget buy. Depending on the used materials and accessories, you can choose the kitchen in economy, business or premium segment. By the way, if you decide to purchase you can look at the website of the salon SOGOR: The second point which you should pay attention, - for whom is the kitchen. There is a big difference in the selection of furniture for a lonely man and a great family.

Making bespoke kitchen manufacturers offer several options of style - from classic to modern. Style is chosen primarily depends on the materials and colors. Oh, and for the development of the project will need the exact dimensions of the appliances and the location of communications.


how to choose the facades for the kitchen

In this article we will try to analyze main characteristics of kitchen fronts. Special attention should be paid to the material from which made the facade. Pick from: plastic, aluminum, PVC under MDF, natural wood etc. today's Most popular fronts made of MDF or chipboard. They are durable and attractive. One of the important advantages of the facade is made of MDF and PVC is a relatively inexpensive price, and the variety of textures and colors, which allows to realize the most courageous decisions. But there is this material and its drawbacks. The film covering MDF, quickly fade in contact with sunlight. The humidity that is always present in the kitchen and heating the surface near the sink and the oven can also cause problems.

Other material for the facades is plastic, with a distinct gloss. Even modern frosted plastic will Shine. This material is reliable when the temperature drops and well tolerated exposure to sunlight. It is difficult to make scratch, but more than 30 variations of color allow you to choose the custom look of the facade. But remember that on such a surface will constantly present your fingerprints, which are easily removed, but in any case not powder.

In such a modern city like Lviv, often bespoke kitchen is made from acrylic for new technologies. This material is environmentally safe - no velaucity volatiles that could contaminate the air. Kitchen furniture made of acrylic is resistant to mechanical damage, do not fade. However, in comparison with many other materials, this material is quite expensive.

Respectable people often choose the facades for the kitchen made of solid wood, which looks great on large areas. This material is considered rather expensive, but it's worth it. Golden middle in terms of price are the fronts made of veneer chipboard, MDF, which are no different in appearance from the natural wood. The disadvantages of this material include greater absorption of moisture and odors.

Before it stops on one of the materials for the facade, weigh all the positive, negative characteristics, only then make your final decision.

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