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This healthy tea

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In the cold season warms, heat tones when in the body "running low on batteries" is invigorating, and when to take a break - relaxing. And it's all about tea! According to the unwritten rules of Ukrainian etiquette, the tea party is not a way of getting or maintaining business conversation and a few intimate process - only for the family. Medicinal aroma of tea tree leaves creates a warm homely atmosphere and gives inspiration for new achievements. For, as said a famous English playwright Arthur Pinero, "While there is tea there is hope".

Tea revitalizes and rejuvenates the body, contains about three hundred nutrients, including many vitamins: A, b, C, K, E, R. of Particular importance in this list has a lot of vitamin P, reduces fragility of blood vessels, and in combination with vitamin C makes them elastic. Properties provide useful alkaloids. Thanks to the caffeine in tea has a tonic effect, and theobromine and theophylline soften its effect by not allowing "Buritis" nervous system.

the British have long been competing with other "tea" countries for the right to be considered the best by connoisseurs of tea. While China and Japan for leadership of the execution of the tea ceremony. It is interesting that in the Eastern countries first drank tea as a medicine. The Kazakhs are masters of brewing green tea to quench thirst in extreme heat. Ukrainian culture of tea drinking is now also growing rapidly. Also, today is a popular tea with Korean ginseng with pronounced therapeutic properties. By the way, you can purchase it in the online store: .


holiday Tea

the Most popular suppliers of tea in the world consider India, China and Sri Lanka. Green high quality tea Japan produces. A tea of low quality in purchasing:

  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Bangladesh
  • Kenya
  • Turkey.

Export of tea is the main lever of the economy of some African countries and from successful sales abroad depends on the welfare of residents. This grain is in Ukrainian, but if the excess will not sell abroad, then at least bake bread, and tea does not quench hunger... So in the names of the countries is overproduction of tea and the price was reduced.


Black or green

someone Who prefers a strong black tea, others green. These two varieties popular in our area. Quality, properly brewed black tea helps:

  • clear the vessels and arteries;
  • get rid of tiredness and headaches;
  • activates metabolic processes;
  • stimulates the secretion of gastric juice strengthens the gums and protects teeth from decay;
  • helps eliminate toxins, and thanks to the diuretic properties favorably affects the condition of the kidneys.

Diaphoretic and antibacterial properties of black tea improves General condition of an organism at colds and infectious diseases, the alkaloids - theobromine, theophylline and caffeine, depending on the dose can how to soothe and to cheer. That is strong welding, more tonic would be the drink.

Green tea removes sleepiness, increases alertness and strengthens the nervous system. Both children and adults Star Zawada advises to make tea, taking welding for no more than 2-3 grams per day. Too frequent consumption of this drink increases the volume of water in the body, which increases the load on the heart and kidneys.

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