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Indicating diseases of the nervous system

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"All illnesses from nerves". We often hear that a popular expression, but a smile, and without thinking that how truthful the response. "Neurology studies the nervous system, violation of its functions and methods of treatment. Functional disorders of the nervous system are manifested in the form of more symptoms that are quite often perceived as too other body systems. For example, pain is directly in the heart in the majority of cases are neurological in nature, like many other problems with the gastro-intestinal tract, - says the doctor - so don't ignore the signs that sends you your body! Be sure to contact the neurologist if they notice any neurological symptoms."


What are the most common symptoms that indicate the disorder of the nervous system?

  • Headaches and migraine (in this case, you can help )
  • Problems with blood pressure;
  • Loss of consciousness, noise in the ears;
  • the Feeling of numbness in different parts of the body;
  • Pain directly in the neck and back;
  • joint Pains
  • the coordination of all movements, double vision in the eyes;
  • Trouble breathing.

All these symptoms are characteristic of diseases caused by disorders of the nervous system. In any case, you should consult a neurologist who quickly and efficiently identify the cause and correct diagnosis.

For diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases, neurologists used a wide range of diagnostic tools and drugs available to modern medicine in our country: the MRI, ACT, duplex scanning vessels, EEG, REG, Echoes, EMG, immunological , biochemical and clinical methods of inspection.

Doctors have mastered the methods of emergency care for kollaptoidnoe, anaphylactic conditions, hypertensive crises, with suspected acute ischemic stroke, vegetative-vascular crises, various types of blockades from the painkillers and medicinal technique, acupuncture, rational psychotherapy.

Today, all patients have the wonderful opportunity to undergo treatment in a comfortable room under constant observation and daily assessment of physician neurologist.

do Not wait when the disease is "gaining momentum"! Remember: better to prevent disease than to treat "running" condition!

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