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How to make your hair healthy?

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What should be the ideal woman? Long legs, sukarna chest, a brilliant smile and, of course, long silky hair. But how to make them perfect? After all, not all women they are luxurious and long, some - they are brittle and dry. Most women think that perfect the hair only at the models on the covers. But to improve them each at home. This will help familiar to us food - eggs. It is known that the egg mask is beneficial for women's overall beauty and hair.


We offer simple recipes of egg masks for hair:

  • Egg + milk will help to moisturize the hair and make them silky;
  • Egg + lemon juice is best suited for light hair, adds Shine
  • the Egg with honey promotes hair growth and nourishes them;
  • Egg + brown sugar will come in handy for dark hair
  • For gloss and ovlazhnenie perfect egg with the addition of Apple cider vinegar
  • the Egg together with mayonnaise nourishes the hair and adds Shine
  • For thin hair egg should be mixed with banana
  • When split ends and brittle hair, the best would be a combination of eggs and olive oil
  • Egg + burdock is useful for accelerating growth and strengthening of hair;
  • For healthy and strong hair take an egg + olive oil + lemon juice.

in addition there are many other hair masks: mustard, brewer's yeast, red pepper, cognac and etc. the Main thing is the desire and a little effort and your hair will Shine not worse than the world of celebrities.


Professional care

Also you can vospolzovatsya professional tools. For example, an Italian hair cosmetics Davines: will help to restore the health and natural beauty to your hair. Hair stylists of international renown it is recommended to repair damaged hair. In the end, hair:

  • will become stronger from the roots to the tips;
  • will have a comprehensive protection against damage;
  • will have an attractive and healthy appearance.

makeup , You will improve the structure of your hair and forget what a thin and weakened hair.

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