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9 ways to protect Your immune system

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Many people ask the question and why we need it? The immune system is a vital part of the human body, helps to resist diseases and fight off viruses and infections that enter our body. Compliance with a few simple tips will help You maintain the system in proper state:

  1. Healthy eating. Daily food affects the condition of your body. So you need to take seriously what You eat. Eat nutritious food, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, carefully choose the meat, eat less sugar, don't overeat;
  2. Fast. Don't have to be a believer, to fast. Fasting is very beneficial for the body, it helps detoxify «garbage" that enters the human body, together with junk food and accumulates in the body;
  3. Liquid. Try to eat as much liquid as possible, but make sure that it wasn't harmful fizzy drinks, and pure water or herbal tea;
  4. Vitamins. Vitamins also help to strengthen the immune system. Eat more foods containing vitamins. To strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to take vitamins C, E, and be sure to replenish zinc in the body. The wild rose, sea buckthorn, black currant, oranges, kiwi fruit, sauerkraut, sweet pepper contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin E is found in nuts, vegetable oils and oils, wheat germ, almonds, sea buckthorn, kiwi, eggs, spinach. And zinc You can use products such as red meat, sardines, yeast, peanut butter, cheese, seeds, egg yolk, Greek, coconut, pine nuts
  5. Natural products. Don't forget that you need to drink green tea, black pepper, garlic. If You are not against the use of folk methods of treatment, you can try a mixture of Cayenne red pepper and Astragalus. Useful are contrast shower and cold water - it strengthens body;
  6. take Care of yourself. Get rid of bad habits! If You smoke, immediately drop! Drink as much alcohol. Follow the simple rules of personal hygiene
  7. Reduce to a minimum the use of pesticides. As you know, the pesticides reduce the protective forces of the organism, that is, suppress the immune system. Try to eat foods, especially vegetables and fruits grown without the use of pesticides. If You have the opportunity, it is better to independently grow vegetables and fruit;
  8. Physical exercise. Sports not only energizes You but also strengthens your muscles, gives strength and good mood, and, consequently, improves the condition of our immune system;
  9. Think positive. Positive thoughts create positive emotions, while positive emotions strengthen the immune system. Never allow thoughts that You are sick or can easily get sick.

take Care of your immune system and it will protect You from many diseases!

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