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What do we know about peptic ulcer disease

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to Get a stomach ulcer - elementary. According to the recent theory of scientists is infection. How to protect yourself from nasty disease today and find out... You come to Kumu to visit. There will, as expected, poured a Cup, give to eat and drink. The morning of the next day starts hard and you're late for work, where you impatiently waiting chief. From him you hear who you really are. As an evil, trouble for work not terminated and still during the month the boss over and over again bothering you with their comments.

And once, when after a hard day, you come home and conveniently pedetes at the TV, you feel that you have something sick in the stomach. A few days will learn that you have an ulcer. Of course you believe the advertising, our doctors advise. To pick up medications individually. This primitive we have described the mechanism of the origin of the disease, in fact far from the truth. To catch a stomach ulcer, as it turns out, can be very simple. Let us examine an example.

In the guest when you eat, the body has got stick with a complicated name "heliobacter pylori". This heliobacteria, inside the body, probably would have behaved peacefully and did not show its presence in the stomach. However, stress at work played it "on hand". The wand became active and attached to the walls of your stomach. Living in acid Heliobacteria has a special stability. How she survives in such an environment, known to her alone. This bacterium can live in the fridge, water, food or on the sewer pipe. In the human body it can go through water or food. 95 - 99% of the ulcers treated. Kissing people who suffer from ulcer, the doctors also do not recommend. According to recent studies, the ulcer is an infection, so with a kiss you can get from your beloved gift in the form of bacteria.

How to make a plague?

"the Fact that wand was in your body, doesn't mean you will definitely develop an ulcer or gastritis," says Zinaida Moustache, editor of medical portal about gastritis . Many people live with heliobacteria and not even aware of its existence. These people can infect others while they themselves stay healthy. You'll get sick or not depends on many factors:

  • the number one Factor - immunity. If by immunity you are lucky, then no bacteria will not take, and you will live your life happily ever after;
  • Factor number two - stress. It 'will help' earn the ulcer, if the immune system is not too strong. By the way, the stress that causes ulcers, may be even normal repair the house;
  • Factor number three - the inheritance. Stomach ulcers can be inherited. If your grandfathers had the disease, I advise you to be careful: the chance of catching the plague have greatly increased;
  • Factor number four - for own carelessness. There is another easy way to get the plague on an empty stomach drink plenty of aspirin. And without any ulcer sticks you provided. Besides aspirin, there are other medications, the side effects which can cause ulcers. Therefore, using drugs, listen to the advice of doctors and do not experiment with health;
  • Factor number five - food. Help your stomach to get an ulcer, eat too greasy, eat once a day (preferably morning) or don't eat. And more smoke. Soon stomach you "thank", but if you still wand lives in the body, can congratulate you with the new disease;
  • Factor number six - get a tan more. Better with 12 to 16 hours. There are times when the healing Spa, after a day of sunbathing, people come back with a stomach ulcer. And all because the sun is not what it was before, and radiates in us no ultraviolet and infrared rays. First signs If you hunger gnaws at the stomach, an hour and a half as you eat, the stomach is again urged, and at night you make forays to the fridge, you have a stomach ulcer. The first sign may be gastritis. This disease is also called stick. Or very "caring" attitude towards your body. If you feel discomfort in abdomen, bitter taste in the mouth, you have heartburn, belching, it should sound the alarm. Note the teeth: periodontal disease, unsteadiness of the teeth, bleeding gums can also indicate an unhealthy stomach.

you are Sick or not will help determine the survey

There are various methods, tests, diagnosis of gastric diseases. You do not even have to swallow the tube. You can just breathe air and using a special indicator of the doctor will determine whether you have the bacteria. The symptoms of this disease can be very different. In some cases, for example, a person can hurt the heart, or across. People don't always pay attention to their illness, do not go to the doctor. If the stomach hurts, then it is a bad symptom, because the stomach has no nerve endings. The pain means that ulcers formed in the stomach, act on the surrounding organs. An ulcer may be silent and not display any signs, from time to time. Besides, to complain to the ulcer can not only the stomach, and 12 duodenal gut.


Who is sick with an ulcer more often?

the Idea that this illness takes more young men somewhat outdated. Today, experts do not have a single point of view on this issue. Indeed, men used to hurt more often. But now a changed social conditions - and women have the unfortunate fate. Therefore, women have become more ill with plague.

  1. If you hate your boss, the ulcer is provided to you;
  2. More from stomach ailments to suffer choleric - they are more nervous and more emotional reactions to stressful situations;
  3. Goes and people astening composition - a tall, thin, with narrow chest;
  4. Another theory - stomach ulcer more sticks to people with gray or blue eyes.

"Killed" force against ulcers

people's way of dealing with the canker - ash, according to doctors, is not justified. Infectious disease that does not scare me. Doctors insist: to cope with the plague is impossible. You need to take antibiotics and prescription drugs. If someone from family is ill with an ulcer, you need to follow basic rules of hygiene: its bowl, your towel. This is killing power against the bacteria! However, people continue to fight this disease on their own, ignoring the hospital. Even those who found the strength to visit the doctor often did not respect his advice. There are patients taking the pills a week instead of two, it becomes easier - and they believe that it has already recovered. But it's not. It just ended the acute phase and the patient has become easier. As the inflammatory process goes. The disease will come back again, but the drugs she will not respond, because to them a degree of immunity. Then the ulcer will be harder to cure.


Diet and regime will help to overcome the disease

Food: Food should be nutritious and useful. Importantly, there is often and accurately (4-6 times a day).

  • From fried have to give up;
  • Hot dog Coca-Cola or pies with meatballs is also not the answer;
  • can Not eat coarse food. Peas, cabbage, raw vegetables, salads, chocolate - when the ulcer and gastritis are contraindicated;
  • The same goes for spices, spicy food, black bread, pork, lamb, Gusyatin, ducks;
  • Okay to use milk, sour cream, cottage cheese;
  • will Not be superfluous cheese and boiled eggs;
  • the diet should be meat and fish. Fit young beef, veal, chicken, Turkey, rabbit;
  • Those who love fizzy drinks, I have to disappoint you: if you have an ulcer or gastritis, it is better to refuse from such pleasure. Gases from the stomach increases. To be treated mineral water during the acute period of the ulcer also is not worth it;
  • Chicken soup that is so sick I love to cook, ten times increases the acidity. It is unlikely to go for a sick stomach;
  • The same applies to useful for the immune system millet porridge. Ulcer patients is not recommended;
  • Good help goat's milk;
  • Still can diversify the diet potato juice. It is desirable that it was a pink potato - it contains a lot of starch, well coats the stomach and protects it;
  • Juice from carrots, Apple juice also help, but are best diluted with water;
  • Cakes and sweets to the patients the ulcer was not forbidden. But in this case, if you parallel the ulcer became infected with another disease (such as diabetes or inflammation of the gallbladder). Then your diet should be different.


If you are constantly on business trips, or a day on duty and constantly NOT getting enough sleep at night, the chances that the ulcer will stick to you more than someone who has a normal work schedule. At night people should sleep. Otherwise wakes up the nerve, which is responsible for the activity of the stomach. This nerve stimulates all the stomach problems. So business trips and night shifts are not desirable. Another is to observe the temperature, because too hot or cold food is a stress for your weakened stomach.



Those who likes to go to aerobics or shaping during the acute period of the disease with an ulcer will have to give up this pleasure. To download the press is also not recommended as it creates additional tension on the abdomen. Instead of a slim figure get bleeding in the stomach. In hospital physiotherapy can be carried out, but under medical supervision.

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