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The example of filling the form for a national visa in Poland

Decemb. 19 2015

Consider the example of filling the application form for National visa type D for the employee to the company, although the questionnaire used for the Schengen visa. Immediately say, that this is only an example, so all the data you will need to enter in accordance with your situation. For more information about this visa can be found here: .

How to complete a visa application form

After choosing the desired country and Consulate, you receive a page with contact information of the Consulate. On the Consulate's website in the left column under the title Menu press national visa - Register form.

1 - Enter your last name (Latin characters, as indicated in the passport);
2 - If your last name differs from that which was at birth, enter the same; women write maiden name, if after marriage changed her husband's surname (in Latin characters);
3 - Your name or names (in Latin characters);
4 - date of birth;
5 - Place of birth. Village, city - only the name without specifying the region, district (in Latin characters)
6 - From the drop-down list select the country of birth;
7 - From the drop-down list, choose the name of the country of which you are a day of filling out the questionnaire.
8 From the drop-down list, choose the name of the country the citizen of which he was at birth;
9 - what is your gender.
10 - Enter your marital status on the day of completing the questionnaire;
11 - Indicate the serial number of Ukrainian passport;
12 - Indicate type of travel document "Passport";
13 - the Number and series of your passport;
14 - the date of issuance of passport;
15 - the date of which your passport will be invalid;
16 - Code of the authority that issued your passport (in the passport listed on your signature);
17 - Your mailing address and email address (email address is in Cyrillic, email Latin);
18 - the Country of permanent residence. If you constantly live in Ukraine, put the bird in the field «NO";
19 - Your profession at the moment. Choose one that is closer to your field of activity;
20 - the receiving Country - POLAND;
21 - the Number of entries. I advise to put the "multiple", because you never know how many times you have to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border;
22 - the Period of stay. If the visa is for 1 year, then enter 360, if for six months, enter 180;
23 - Received a Schengen or national visas for the previous 3 years. If no, put the bird in the field «NO», otherwise enter in the format year-month-day;
24 - Prints Paltsev. If fingerprints have not been taken in the manufacture of the visa, then put the bird "NO";
25 - planned date of entry to Poland. Here before the scheduled date of submission of application form at the Consulate (you chose at the beginning) add seven days and the date when you will quickly be able to cross the border;
26 - date of departure - before the proposed date of entry to Poland add a half-year or year;
27,28 - enter the details of the company where you will work;
29 - the Cost of the trip. Indicate "cash" and "credit card". Also indicate the expiration date of your medical insurance.

Next, put three birds where you confirm that you understand that money you will not return if the decision is negative that you know about insurance and that you understand the severity of the punishment for filing false information. Again quickly re-read written in conformity with the documents, no typos, and click "NEXT". After pressing the button “Record” the system records your data in the database and generates a file of an application form with a bar code, so you can save it to disk, print and submit at the Consulate.

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Author: Надя Данильченко

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